Go Green!

Go Green!

You may or may not have noticed the hum of chatter about this season’s ” colour” as decided by Pantone; every year they select a shade that they feel represents what is happening in our global culture and therefore serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude. For 2017 that shade is Greenery;

“A refreshing and revitalising shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.”

Image via Shout.sg

Most shades of green are associated with nature and Pantone’s ‘Greenery’ is a zesty, yellow green tone, making it perfect for those of you who have very light hair, light eyes, light eyebrows and a warm skin tone. If this is you- you can wear this colour head to foot and look fabulous. If you have different colouring- here is my guide to how you can wear it.

Deep and contrasting

If you fall into the Deep Colour Category (dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin)  or Clear Colour Category (very dark hair, bright blue or green eyes and very pale skin) you ideally want to pair Greenery with a contrasting shade. Neutrals like Charcoal and Black Brown will work well. You could also pair Greenery with Damson for a rich, contrasting combination or Lapis to provide a striking pop of colour.

Light and delicate 

Those of you who fall into the Light Colour Category (light air, eyes and pale skin tone) will want to add a shade of a similar, or slightly lighter depth to Greenery, to complement your colouring. Try wearing it with subtle colours like Soft White or even Powder Blue, which will give a lovely, fresh feel to your look as we move into Spring.

Go green!

If you fall into the Warm Colour Category (any level of red tones in your hair) you may wish to wear Greenery all on its own, or with some simple gold jewellery; either way, it will certainly complement your warm colour characteristics. Those who are Dramatic and Warm may want to try some more unusual colour combinations, perhaps a pop of Pumpkin or Primrose to really spice things up!

Here are my top three picks on where to find this colour now…

Topshop: £55.00

Simple design with a great twist at the neckline to make it feel a bit more interesting. Paired with navy blue it really makes the green POP.

ASOS: In the sale at £26.50


I adore this design…so pretty and feminine. To wear now you could pair it with a fur stole or shrug to ward off the goosebumps…but it will obviously last you into Spring/summer – worn as in the picture with strappy heals and gold accessories…what’s not to love?

Phase Eight: In sale on John Lewis at £45


Love the zip detail…especially since it’s been finished in a gold tone – works perfectly together. Easily dress this up with oversized earrings and heals or you could wear with a jacket for a more formal occasion.

Hope that gives you some pointers – any questions email me at kate@kate-evans.co.uk or give me a call!

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