Getting a little closer to the warmer days…

Getting a little closer to the warmer days…

Hello, I hope you are all ok and have had a good a week as can be expected right now? I’m back to (hopefully) spread a little cheer and inspiration with another blog on the delicious offerings from the new Spring collection emerging from the team at Baukjen. I have selfishly picked things I love and that have caught my eye but I have hopefully made up for this by explaining how these items could work for you all too…!

Starting off by featuring a pair of dungarees…which I am so excited to see since the only pair I have are feeling somewhat “snug” due to the “self-care” going on right now in the form of daily cake and wine! Dungarees are really hard to get right if you have any form of curve in your body shape though If you are bottom heavy be careful that the top half of the dungarees go straight up rather then cut inwards as this will make your bottom half look bigger. This pair look as though they are cut in a really flattering way but I will be able to show you more next week once they arrive as I will be filming them to post on Instagram.  Also be aware if you are full in the bust as ‘the girls’ may find that the only way out is at the side and that will never be a good look!

Organic Stretch Dungarees

Organic Stretch Dungarees £149 (£119.20 with my discount)

A cardigan seems to be “the” thing to have right now according to the powers that be in the fashion world. So often they are worn as an outside layer but it doesn’t have to be like this. I have just done a video for the ladies in my membership group all about “How to layer” and I showed them different ways that a cardy could be a middle or a bottom layer to outfits- therefore giving more ways to wear then and a better price / wear. This colour way will work for those of you with a warm skin tone due to the slightly more olive tone to the green.

Elma Greencash Cardigan

Elma Cardigan: £119 (£95.20 with my discount)

I love the simplicity of this top and the added bonus means you could wear it under a crew neck jumper and it adds an extra dimension for very little effort! Made in a soft white this is a more flattering version of white for everyone compared to “bright white” that so often is just too harsh next to your face.

Agatha Organic Cotton Top

Agatha Organic Cotton top: £55 (£44 with my discount)

If you don’t have a Breton top or jumper from Baukjen you are seriously missing out. I love either version as thy are great layering options; this sweatshirt is lightweight enough to be worn with a long sleeve tee shirt underneath and a blazer and mac over the top…4 layers each adding their own dimension to the outfit! The black and white combination gives a slightly more “Scandi” approach in comparison to the usual navy and white (love it) but only chose if you know your colouring needs this type of contrast. Samara Organic Sweatshirt

Samara Organic Sweatshirt: £85 (£68 with my discount)

I love this jumper…when have we ever had a time when “hope” means so much? The colouring of it works really well for those of you with cool colouring (so for those of you like me with warmer colouring, now is the time when you have to consider how much you care about the colour vs the message!) I for one know I can rise above this small matter…sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture!

Tampa Organic Sweatshirt

Tampa Sweatshirt: £75 (£60 with my discount)

The perfect top for a zoom call…just add the red lippy and you are good to go! I love the cuff detail but be careful if you are very full in the bust as the full sleeves could add the the appearance of the “width” of your bust.


Enna Top: £69 (£55.20 with my discount)

Coming into Spring jackets like these are worth their weight in gold! They offer so much flexibility in terms of laying as well as styling options; but even better- they will last through Spring, into summer and well into Autumn if you get you layers underneath right. The fact it is in navy blue means it will work for everyone colour wise too- so a win-win! Be careful if you are on the petite side though as the length of it could cut your thigh in the wrong place making you look shorter.

Ashridge Organic Jacket

Ashridge Organic Jacket: £169 ( £135.20 with my discount)


If you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: “KESTYLES20″ to get 20% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen, please do let me know…


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Take good care of yourselves

Kate xx