Getting a hint of spring fashion…

Getting a hint of spring fashion…

Hello and happy Friday…I hope that you have had a good week?

I am back with my picks from Baukjen from their March drop and it feels brilliant to be seeing snippets of spring fashions as by this stage of year one can feel very bored of jeans, jumpers and items for warmth dominating our daily fashion choices!

Oralie Shacket

So, starting off with a great lightweight jacket that will take you from spring into summer and out the other side into autumn.

Oralie Shacket  £127.20 with my discount

Plus points:

  • Safari jackets like this one are so useful as they are similar to a shirt, but they are much thicker (but not as thick as a jacket) so can be worn as a easy outer layer…
  • The warm olive colour is great for those of you who are soft in colouring and preferably on the darker end of the colour scale. This colour is also great if you have red hair.

Be careful:

  • If you have a full bust due to the pockets being right on the bust .
  • The size of the buttons and pockets would mean that this will work better for those of you with larger scale.

Tyra Blazer

I included this off-white jacket as I got one very similar from Baukjen last summer and it was so useful (and still going strong).  Obviously, it’s not the most practical of colours but you would wear it in situations where you are not in close contact with dirt!!

Tyra Blazer £159.20 with my discount

Plus points

  • A great fitted shape so will work for those of you with a defined waist
  • It works really well for those of you in light colouring as it will go with all your greys, light pinks, yellows, and light blues.

Be careful:

  • If you are on the petite side as the jacket is quite long so may well finish at the top of your leg so could make you look shorter

Casy Dress:

The most delicate of dresses, which would work for those of you who are looking for something feminine, lightweight and easy for the summer.

Casy Dress: £119.20 with my discount

Plus points:

  • It will work for those of you with a neat hourglass shape and small bust
  • The warm peach tones will work for those of you with a warm skin tone
  • The size of the print means that it will work for those of you who are on the petite end of the scale.

Be careful:

  • Due to where it finishes on the legs I would recommend you wear skin tone or similar coloured shoes so that you don’t make your feet look like hard “full stops”.

Cressida Dress:

I really love the colours used in this check and I also really love the shape created by the waist tie and the shirt collar.

Cressida Dress: £135.20 with my discount

Plus points:

  • Colours of tan and charcoal will work for those of you with soft colouring as they won’t “chime” against your tones.
  • It will help those of you who need to build up your top half due to the shirt sleeves and collar bringing definition and shape
  • If you have a full bust this looks as though it could be forgiving due to the fact there are no buttons.

Ethel Jumpsuit:

The first item I ever got from Baukjen was a jumpsuit and I still wear it ….they make such comfortable versions, it’s like wearing your pyjamas! I picked this one as it is so timeless in style and can be easily worn for the office as well as smarter occasions.

Ethel Jumpsuit: £95.20 with my discount

Plus Points:

  • Easy, relaxed fabric which will bend around curves
  • V-neck which is super flattering for those of you with a full bust
  • The ability to show off your waist with a belt or draw attention lower to the top of hips if you don’t have a defined waist.

Marte Hoodie

I picked this hoodie as this colour is such a popular colour of the season. It will work for those of you with the warm skin tone and colouring that is on the lighter end of the scale. The Baukjen hoodies are really cosy,  but not too bulky so can easily be worn with a biker jacket or similar over the top.

Marte Hoodie: £63.20 with my discount


Everly Skirt:

Such an elegant leather pencil skirt- I couldn’t not include it! The incredibly timeless style means this could be a great investment piece for years to come. If you are neat hourglass in shape this is a great style to show off your curves as well as being in a really versatile colour that goes with so many other colours it will enable you to get lots of wear out of it . Style it with a silk shirt, a cashmere jumper or  cropped jacket collar, there are so many options! If you buy at this stage of the year you can wear this through to October!

Everly Skirt: £319.20 with my discount

I hope that gives you some inspirational starting points – if you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: KATE20SS to get 20% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen, please do let me know…


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Kate x