Get shirt-savvy!

Get shirt-savvy!

Hello…I hope you are all good and your week has started well? I have just spent a rather lovely half an hour perusing through the “New in” section of the Baukjen site working out what I wanted to tell you about and it became very obvious that I needed to show you their shirts…and more specifically …their white shirts as there are so many gorgeous ones to chose from. There is also a slightly selfish reason behind my sharing as I am very partial to a white shirt- they take up the second biggest section in my wardrobe (second to jumpers) and all 8 (yes you read that right) each have a very different purpose which is why I tell myself I can justify that many!  Lots of mine are from Baukjen as, in my opinion, they make the best ones and these new ones are no exception…

So here are my thoughts on the current collection of white shirts and tops which will work well for those of you with a small bust and a collection of others that are very well suited to those of you with a fuller bust …so hopefully I am covering all bases!

NB. Before I begin I feel I need to give a bit of a “shirt-wide” general advice.

Shirts are generally made of a stiffer, crispier fabric and are usually done up with edge to edge buttons. This combination of features means that for those of you with a full bust or are broad in the back it will make it trickier to get the fit right. Your bust will push against the buttons and the fabric will “pull” – making it then gape in all the wrong places. So you need to ensure that you chose shirts made in a fabric that will “give” and flex to allow space for the curve of your bust and width of your back as well as shirts that don’t have too much texture or detail in the bust area to draw attention there.

Conversely, if you have a small bust you need to wear shirts that have detail in this area to bring interest and shape as well as fabrics that are stiffer and won’t just hang off your shape and drown you.



My love of white shirts can only be surpassed by a broderie Anglaise white shirt…and this one is a true gem. The straight shape will work well for you if you don’t have a defined waist (rectangle or lean columns) as the frill on the shoulders and sleeves will bring all the interest there instead. If white isn’t a great colour for you, this way of wearing it is more flattering as the holes in the fabric make the colour less intense and therefore softer.

Daisy Upcycled Top

Daisy Upcycled top: £119 (£101.15 with my discount)

A brilliant ‘shirt’ option for you if you are broader in the back as the fabric is softer and more flexible so will help the fit. It will also really help add definition and shape to small bust due to the pin tucks and pleats in this area; but conversely, I would avoid if you have a full bust as the curve will just pull the pleats out.

Imken Top with LENZING™ ECOVERO™

Imken Top: £69 (£58.65 with my discount)

A really pretty sleeveless option with the addition of the frills on the shoulders- helping to broaden the shoulder area which is always helpful if you are bottom heavy. The gathers on the bust will bring real shape to small bust and help to make it appear fuller.

Rosie Linen Top

Rosie Linen Top: £89 (£74 with my discount)

A beautifully classic, simple style in a gorgeous fabric. It is made with slightly heavier hemp so hangs better then linen in my opinion. Long and relaxed, it is a great style to wear untucked over a pair of skinny jeans- giving all the elegance and paired back simplicity.

Helena Hemp Shirt

Helena Hemp Shirt:£99 (£84.15 with my discount)

A great option if you have a warm skin tone and a full bust- what a combination! The relaxed fabric will really flatter the curve of your bust as does the lack of buttons meaning it will sit better for you.

Suzy Blouse with LENZING™ ECOVERO™

Suzy Blouse: £99 (£84.15 with my discount)

I just adore the colour of this shirt…it would work brilliantly again for the those of you with a warm skin tone (and even better if you are darker in colouring too). The relaxed fabric is wonderful for a curvy top half and this could be such a great “pop of colour” to your wardrobe when worn with white jeans or a navy blue trouser suit. Pair it with chucky gold jewellery and a bit of gold toned eye shadow and it will look stunning!

Lillith Shirt: £99 (£84.15 with my discount)

A really pretty shirt that again could work well for a fuller bust. I love the colours as could be worn with a warm or cool skin tone as it has tones of each in it. The print is very small though so this will work better if you are on the petite side as will balance more effectivly.

Evelyn Blouse with LENZING™ ECOVERO™

Evelyn Blouse: £99 (£84.15 with my discount)

I really loved the inky dark colour of this against the white – great for those of you with cool or clear colouring. I also wanted to show you this as another “full bust” option. The sleeve detail is so pretty as the slightly shorter style allows great space for a collection of bracelets to add further interest to the outfit.

Marta Top with LENZING™ ECOVERO™

Marta Top: £89 (£74 with my discount)

If you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: KATEEVANS15″ to get 15% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen, please do let me know…

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Kate xxx