From casual to elegant- my December Baukjen picks

From casual to elegant- my December Baukjen picks

Hello and Happy Friday! I hope you are all ok and beginning to get into the Christmas spirit in some form! I am back with my final blog for this year for Baukjen …and I thought I thought I would try to cover all bases from casual to smart so that there is something to hopefully inspire everyone!

Starting off at the casual end…two jumpers which solve two problems that lots of people complain of: a sweatshirt long enough to cover your bum and a sweatshirt that would work for those of you with a full bust.


Marte Organic Longline Sweatshirt

Marte Longline Sweatshirt £85 (£68 with my discount)

I love the relaxed cut of this sweatshirt (although I would size up if you want it really relaxed)  and because of the fact it is longer the whole “bum/tummy” area is covered and means you can feel more confident wearing leggings or skinny jeans with it. The colour would work for those of you dark colouring but I also think it would work well for those of you with soft, tonal colour too due to the muted tone of it. 

Brooklyn Organic Zip Sweatshirt

Brooklyn Sweatshirt: £85 (£68 with my discount)

Hallelujah!!! A fashion brand has FINALLY got the memo that they need to design sweatshirt options for those who have full busts. Due to the fact this beauty has a gorgeous wide, low neckline means the girls have space and “the shelf” is prevented. I also love it as there are no pockets on the tummy- again a brilliant design omission for those of you who hold weight here and really don’t appreciate adding unnecessary bulk! The soft white colour is the BEST white colour for most people (unless you have very cool, clear colouring) so acts as a great neutral option if you want to layer it with another top underneath. Soft white is a notoriously difficult colour to find…so when you do see it and you know it will be a great addition to your wardrobe- grab it!


Kelly Ecovero™ Top

Kelly Ecover Top: £59 (£47.20 with my discount)

Simple, elegant and when worn with black trousers – you are “catsuit-ready”!! If black is a great neutral colour for you this super-soft top will be so useful. Dress it up in the evenings with some fabulous earrings, painted nails and an oversized ring and you will look stunning yet still be so comfortable. Careful of the slight batwing design if you have a full bust as this will only make your bust look bigger; however, if you are bottom heavy, this top will be brilliant at balancing out your hips.


Reese Ecovero™ Top

Reece Ecover Top: £69 (£55.20 with my discount)

A slightly smarter option due to the silky nature of the fabric. I love the necktie and it will work so well for you if you need to add detail on your top half or want to make your bust look fuller. You could also pair this top with a leather skirt, tights and boots? I love the black leather skirt in their range; a true timeless classic that feels more modern due to the leather. And I promise you- if this style works for your shape- you will wear it for years and therefore the price point can be justified.Sacha Leather Skirt

Sacha Leather Skirt: £289 (£231.20 with my discount)

If ever there was a brilliant “chuck on and go” dress! The print size and design of this dress will work really well for those of you who are petite which I know will be music to your ears as so often dresses are tricky to find if you are are the smaller end of the scale. The colours in this will work for you if you are dark, or warm or soft in your colouring. 

Karoline Ecovero™ Dress


Karoline Dress: £115 (£92 with my discount)

Karoline Ecovero™ Dress

The styling here is delicious with the Everyday Biker Jacket  and Anna Maria Scarf

If you love the print but would prefer it in a top- they have thought of that too!! Here it is being styled with their boyfriend jeans and Shearling coat.


Karoline Ecovero™ Top

Karoline Ecover Top: £69 (£55.20 with my discount)

A word here about styling (and I aware that for some of you I will be stating the obvious and and you will be doing all the eye-rolls…but….) it is really worth noting how brands style their own clothes as this can really help you with working out how you could wear their items as well as inspiring you with combinations you might not have thought of. My husband is a huge fan of copying brand’s styling ideas; he will walk into a shop and look at a mannikin and ask the assistant for all the items on it, in his size. (I would like to add he only does this when I am not with him…otherwise he gets the full “styling service” from me…perks of the marriage!!!)

If you like this beautiful claret colour (it works for you if you are deep, soft and clear – depending on what other colours you wear with it) I thought you might like this jacket option. If you haven’t tried a Baukjen jacket before I would strongly recommend the investment as the quality is amazing and they cut them really well for those of you with waist detail. If it is slightly long for you- you could also get it hemmed to the right length? Better to get the fit right 90% and make a small adjustment to get it 100% right, then be constantly on the search for a 100% fit immediately.Fabienne Blazer

Fabienne Blazer: £199 (£159.20 with my discount)

And finally- I had to include this checked beauty…timeless, elegant, in great colours for everyone and a classic, neat fit. A perfect pop of interest to a neutral outfit or it could be a calmer tone of neutral to a brighter outfit…whatever you chose it will be a coat that will last you years

Isla Coat: £299 (£239.20 with my code)


So many choices but I hope my advice has helped to either make the right purchase choice or has stopped you from buying something that didn’t love you as much as you loved it!

If you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: “KATE20″ to get 20% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen, please do let me know…


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Take good care and I hope you have a lovely weekend. We are off to Cornwall for a bit of sea air and a much needed break. When we return it will then be school holidays so I can’t promise I will be able to post much content- I will see how I get on with “the juggle”. If I don’t manage it- I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all sincerely for the support of what I do as well as your interest, lovely comments, emails, messages and business. I could not be more grateful to be able to do the job I do- not only because I love the fact that it helps people to feel brilliant about themselves; but also because it means I get to work with the most amazing women. I hope 2021 will be the year where we all take what we have learnt from 2020 and use it to our advantage- so that we can move forward and start to live our lives the way we have come to realise that we want to.

Take good care of yourselves and I hope you have a Happy Christmas and I wish you a healthy and brilliant new year!

Kate xx