“Filling the gaps” options from Baukjen

“Filling the gaps” options from Baukjen

Hello! I hope you are all ok and have had a good weekend? I am back ON IT after spending the last few days just gathering my thoughts, tidying my house and savouring the return to some sort of normality with my children finally back at school. The last size months have been a long old haul haven’t they? I have never worked so hard, had so much work but also having to mange this alongside having my children at home all the time! I just have everything crossed that life will now be allowed to continue this way!

Anyway…we are starting the week with a wonderful array of new pieces from Baukjen – designed to help you update your wardrobe with pieces that will last you, that won’t date and will fill “that gap” so easily. I thought it might be helpful to give suggestions of, in my experience  “those gaps” might be and offer solutions as to how you can fill them. Never has there been more need to be considered in your purchases as we learn to flex in this new world. The fashion industry is also having to to take so much more responsibility in its sourcing, ethics and sustainability; hopefully the trend of “fast fashion” is beginning to die out as consumers realise that this approach will have such a catastrophic effect on our plant. The message I (and many others in my industry) have been shouting for 16 years of the importance of educating yourself as to what works for you so that you reduce time, money and waste when you shop iseems to be finally getting through.

I hope this blog resonates with you as to how you can fill your gaps!

The jacket that can swing both ways:


Niki Blazer

Niki Blazer: £199 (£159.20 with my discount)

A beautifully cut, single breasted jacket that would work so well for those of you for whom blacks and greys aren’t such great neutral colours and you want a jacket that isn’t “too corporate”. You could wear this casually with jeans or you could dress it up with brown or black leather trousers and it will give a smarter look, whilst still feeling more laid back and rustic. Red-heads and those with lots of warm tones in their skin and hair should snap this up as a brilliant jacket option that will last you years.

Elizabeth Blazer

Elizabeth Blazer: £199 (£159.20 with my discount)

The Elizabeth blazer is a different colour option but can be used in similar ways to the Niki blazer. The grey pinstripe is smart enough to be able to be worn to work (they also have the matching trousers here) but I can see this working brilliantly with a hoodie, boyfriend jeans and some trainers for more casual occasions. The colour option is a total winner in terms of going with so many colour combinations and the quality of these jackets is incredible. I have had a couple from Baukjen over the last few years and the price point is reflective of how much wear you will get out of them. On something as key and useful as a jacket- spend as much as you can afford to make sure it will last you as they are a true wardrobe staple.

“Something that can do day and evening events”

Emory Lyocell Jumpsuit

Emory Lyocell Jumpsuit:£159 (£127.20 with my discount)

A Baukjen jumpsuit was the first thing I ever bought and I still have it! This is a winner in terms of being able to wear with sliders, trainers, pumps and a denim or cropped leather biker jacket (I can thoroughly recommend these ones and they have a stunning burgundy red now in the range) for the daytime but can also be worn with heels, statement ankle boots and a little fur jacket number for the evenings. Careful with jumpsuits though if you don’t have a defined waist as it can then look a bit utilitarian.

“A simple top in a great colour for me”

Marnie Ecovero™ Top

Marnie Top – Indego: £55 (£44 with my discount)

Nothing ground breaking- but Baukjen’s tee-shirts and long tops are such great quality; they hang well, they wash well and they don’t cling. This navy will work for every colour group and the pomegranate one below is one that offers more of a “pop” for those with clearer type of colouring. Worn simply or dressed up- they are a total wardrobe staple for every little effort.


Marnie Ecovero™ Top

Marnie Top- Pomegranate: £55 (£44 with my discount)

“A pretty top that isn’t too smart”

Camila Ecovero™ Top

Camila Top: £69 (£55.20 with my discount)

I am always looking for tops like this…one that feels feminine and pretty but doesn’t feel too dressy and like you are about to go out for dinner. Sometimes you want something effortless but gives a nod to delicacy. The print of this is so pretty and would work for those of you with warm and soft colouring. Careful of the size of the print if you are tall though as it is a wee bit too “ditzy” for your scale.

“Something to throw on that’s not too smart”

Karin Ecovero™ Dress

Karin Dress: £99 (£79.20 with my discount)

I love this dress, but it’s too short on me….(I did the bending over test and it wasn’t great!) but it may well work for some of you! Be careful of the tiered skirt design if you are bottom heavy as that won’t help your shape… but I love the puff on the shoulder and the fact you can throw it on and add trainers or sandals for late spring/summer wear and tights and ankle boots for when its getting cooler; a great all year round option! The colour works brilliantly as a neutral for all of you with dark and warm tones.


“An elegant but effortless top for the evening”

Christobel Ecovero™ Top

Christobel Top: £59 (£47.20 with my discount)

This top doesn’t need much explanation…it is simple, clean and offers something that bit more interesting then a black tee shirt. It will help to balance your shape if you are bottom heavy and if black isn’t the best colour for you, there is space for a necklace which will help to soften the colour against your face.

“I already have black leather leggings and I want a different colour that easily fits in my wardrobe”

Lauren Leather Leggings

Lauren Leather Leggings: £365 (£292 with my discount)

Olive green is such a good neutral – even if it doesn’t work next to your face (as you have a cool skin tone) it will go with so many colours you will already have. Navy, black, grey, white, cream, pink, claret, taupe…you get the picture!! I have the Bauken Liv Leather leggings and I can totally vouch for the fact the quality is great- so I would expect these to be the same. I have had my pair for two years and probably wear them at least twice a week all through winter and they spring back into shape and deliver every time. You can dry clean them and I keep them going in between cleans with a sweep with a wet wipe! Please don’t let age be a barrier to you embracing leather leggings- if you feel confident of your legs- show them off. So often it’s not the “item” that is the stumbling block of feeling the age barrier- it’s how you style them. A 30 year old would wear these very differently to how a 60 year old would wear them…so if you are at the higher end of the scale wear them with other items you feel really relaxed in- such as a shirt, a jacket or a jumper…but let the leggings give them a modern boost.

” I need a good quality white shirt”

Heather Organic Shirt

Heather Organic Shirt: £89 (£71.20 with my discount)

Look no further- the Baukjen shirts always deliver! I have many and they are ALL brilliant! If you have discounted white shirts in the past as the “white” feels too stark against your colouring as you have soft tones, you could always take the edge off it by dyeing it. I have tried in the past with tea bags (!!) and it can be very effective- but a safer way might be with a professional dye kit. A soft white or a clear white- whichever suits your colouring is such a useful colour to have in your wardrobe and will keep on providing season after season.

I hope that gives you some inspirational starting points – if you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: “KATE20″ to get 20% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen, please do let me know…


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Take good care and I hope you have a good week.

Kate x