Fashion doing good things

Fashion doing good things

Hello! I hope you are all doing OK and for those of you with children- you are still upright having navigated through what has to have been the most intense of Septembers, whilst we all try to come up to speed with a new term alongside life returning a little more to normal. That “normal” feels fairly brutal though doesn’t it…? I’m not sure if life is busier then before or whether we are all just a bit out of practice…but put the complexity of juggling family life alongside petrol and food shortages it certainly makes life feel full on! So I wanted this blog to feel like a bit of comforting time out…to be read with a warm (or cold depending on your preference!) cup of something, where you can have a bit of escapism!

I wanted to start by giving you a bit of an update as to where Baukjen is right now in terms of its position in how they go about producing their clothes, running their company and supporting causes that are important to them. I think these factors are really important to highlight as not only are they doing amazing things, which should be celebrated, but also this further knowledge helps you, the customer, to understand the brand behind the clothes and why that might reassure you further when you buy from them.

On their website they report quarterly as to where they are up to- so I have taken the information from there- but if you want to read the full report it’s here.

Sustainability Impact Report Q2 2021

Clean Water and Sanitation:

Clean Water and Sanitation

Climate action:

Climate Action

Life Below Water:

Life Below Water

Life on Land:

Life on Land

Gender Equality:

Gender Equality

Affordable and Clean Energy:

Affordable and Clean Energy

I am so proud to work with a company who are so transparent in how they work, the efforts they go to in order to, as they say, ‘tread a little lighter on our planet’. It is so refreshing and honest and I feel they are trailblazers in this approach and luckily other brands are beginning to follow suit. The clothes we wear should make us feel wonderful, but not at the cost to our planet, its precious systems or the human workforce who are behind its production.

I hope that small summery helps you to feel confident of your purchases- not only because you love the clothing but you also love the fact you are supporting a brand that is doing good things and can show you why the clothes are worth the price point.

So, without further ado- let me show you some of my favourite pieces from their latest drop…

Darcy Eco Cashmere Roll Neck Jumper

Darcy Eco Cashmere Roll neck- Deep red: £199 (£169.15 with my discount)

I am a total SUCKER for a roll neck…even more so if its cashmere. It comes from having live in a really old and therefore cold house…so wearing jumpers like these are the most ethical way to keep warm!! Either of these colours will work for you if you are deep in colouring…the red will work if you have a warm skin tone and the green will work for either warm or cool as its fairly neutral. A brilliant way to add that pop of colour next to your face and keep you warm and cosy!

Darcy Eco Cashmere Roll Neck Jumper

Darcy Eco cashmere Roll neck- Pine Green: £199 (£169.15 with my discount)

I love this colour…it is so versatile- it looks great with greys, navy, creams, whites, soft browns and claret reds…

It will suit those of you with lighter, softer colouring best and it is fairly neutral so I don’t think you will have to worry about the warmth/cool factor. Great if you need to wear an open neckline, but be careful if you are petite as it is cut into a slightly oversized style…so size down if you are smaller scaled.

Portia Eco V-neck Cashmere Jumper

Portia Eco cashmere V-neck £199 (169.15 with my discount)

This is the perfect “chuck on over a shirt or a top” on days when you just want to cover your torso! I know I would be reaching for this if I was going for dinner at at a friends house and I’m not feeling like I want to go super smart. As they have styled it- with a pair of leather trousers (or skinny black jeans), some leopard print shoes, and some chunky gold jewellery- it will totally deliver as much as it would to do the school / supermarket run.

Be careful again if you are petite- this length and generous cut could overwhelm your scale, so I would avoid if you are smaller then 5ft 6″. Careful too if you are very full busted as the wide, batwing style sleeve will add width to the bust area.

Bella Recycled Wool Knitted Vest

Bella Recycled Wool Vest: £125 (£106.25 with my discount)

Same gorgeous colour but a different style. I have this cardigan and I have already worn it so much (I will show it to you on Instagram stories next week). I have put it on over a leopard print maxi dress when it got colder in the evenings, I have worn it with a denim shirt and white shirt and I have also worn it as a layer under a denim jacket. Super warm with great chunky wooden buttons…the colour will suit all of you who have softer colouring.

Portia Eco Cashmere Cardigan

Portia Eco Cashmere Cardigan: £179 (£152.15 with my discount)

For those of you looking for a classic black jacket- here is an option for you! A great cut, timeless style and fits into the waist if you want to show that off. It’s a piece that will last you years and won’t date…so its worth making that investment now so you can start to get the wear out of it. Don’t feel you can only wear jackets like this if you work...look here at black jacket styling ideas to see how versatile they are (if black is a good colour for you).

Alanis Jacket with LENZING™ ECOVERO™

Alanis Jacket: £199 (£169.15 with my discount)

If you have a full bust, a square neckline is a really flattering style for you…so here is a great top for you!

Hailee Top with LENZING™ ECOVERO™

Hailee Top: £69 (£58.65 with my discount)

Whereas, if you have a small bust- putting detail like this across it, will help it to look a bit bigger with more emphasis…and who doesn’t love a rainbow print!

Harmony Organic Sweatshirt

Harmony Organic Sweatshirt: £79 (£67.15 with my discount)

A day doesn’t go by when I don’t recommend a bootleg jean style to a client or member of my private membership group. They are SO flattering and yet everyone is always very concerned that they are out of fashion and “won’t they look dated?”. My response is always to suggest they try them, see how flattering they are on their legs; how they make them look so long and slim and then tell me that they are happy to forgo that style and opt for current fashion of “mom jeans” which only look good on 0.03% of the population! So if you would like to go for the “most flattering on your legs style” – please try these!!

Frankie Organic Jean

Frankie Organic Jeans: £99 (£84.15 with my discount)

For those of you who have long hankered after an aviator jacket- might I suggest you try this one! The reason I love it is that it is simply designed, as so often there are more buckles and straps then are really necessary. They are such a classic piece and will last you years and years. This colour way would work if you have a warm skin tone…

Carey Shearling Aviator Jacket

Cary Shearling Aviator Jacket: £999 (£849.15 with my discount)

or you could try the dark brown if you are darker in colouring….

Carey Shearling Aviator Jacket

Cary Aviator jacket – brown: £999 (£849.15 with my discount)

or the black for those of you who are cooler.

Carey Shearling Aviator Jacket

Cary Shearling Aviator – Black £999 (£849.15 with my discount)

My advise- avoid if you are top heavy as the chunkiness of this style won’t help you. However, it will be great if you are bottom heavy or rectangular in shape as it will bring shape to your top half. It is generous is sizing so size down if you have a smaller frame.

I appreciate the price point is something that will make you stop to think but if this is something you have wanted for ages and you know it will suit your colouring, your lifestyle, you can think of lots of things in your wardrobe you can wear it with and many, many occasions in your lifestyle you can wear it too- this is definitely a very credible “investment piece”; especially when you know you are buying it from a brand that cares about where it sourced the materials from in order to make it.


If you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: KESTYLES15″ to get 15% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen, please do let me know…

As I mentioned, please check out my Instagram stories for more styling ideas with Baukjen pieces…but for now- have a lovely weeekend.

Kate xxx