Eye eye!

Eye eye!

Morning! In the run up to “the big day” I thought it might be useful to have some eye makeup ideas to go with your “party outfits”!

Personally- I am more inclined to go large on the eye makeup then I am on the corresponding lipstick. (I think it has something to do with the fact my eyes are big and my lips are small…you kinda run with the bits you like!)

So here is a guide on eye liner colours that will really suit your eye colour and make them pop!

Hazel Eyes

A warm metallic gold will accentuate the yellow flecks around the inner part of the iris, making them shimmer and your eyes look even brighter.

Brown Eyes

Navy is super wearable during the day and into the night. And, as opposed to black, midnight blues will look softer on warm brown eyes.

Green Eyes

There’s nothing like a green-eyed girl with a purple eyeline. The red undertones in a deep plum will enhance your natural hues while still feeling totally wearable.

Grey Eyes

Accentuate the blue amid the grayscale with a contrasting vivid red-brown. The wine hue will not only make your eyes pop, but make you feel as warm and fuzzy as a glass of merlot.

Blue Eyes

Cool blue eyes will pop against a contrasting yet complementary deep emerald shade, which will accentuate flecks of gold that might be hiding

If you would like a makeup lesson to find out what would suit you best, the application techniques that will make your makeup last all day or how to achieve the illusive “smokey eye”- I do bespoke makeup lessons…you tell me what you want and I show you how to do it. No scary troweling on of makeup, no hard sell of over priced products, no impossible application techniques that will cause high stress as you are trying to get out the door….just the information you need to help you feel more confident, more knowledgeable and more beautiful!

If you would like to buy any makeup – here is the link to the Colour Me Beautiful range…you put in your colouring- they will show you the colours that will work for you.







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