The extra inch getting pinched…

The extra inch getting pinched…

On what has been the most gorgeous of sunny days… I am afraid I am needing to have a small rant…

It is about sizing on our high streets. The fabulous Kat Farmer from @doesmybumlook40 talked about this a few weeks ago and spoke ALOT of sense after seeing the red mist whilst trying on a top from Zara that was way too small on her but sized at a “Medium” (she is apparently a 10).

I too had the same problem last week when I tried on a beautiful bell skirt in H&M. Nipped in at the waist, flares out to just below the knee; made in a heavy embellished fabric….see picture attached…


Paired with a neat fitted jumper or a silk shirt…I was thinking “I have my Christmas outfit sewn up”.

Then I tried it on….

It is safe to say I had to have a rather unflattering battle with the zip and once in place I had to chose between the skirt or oxygen…oxygen won and the skirt was duly removed whilst I was cursing myself for clearly picking up the wrong size. But on no, thank you H&M…there is was, in all is glory….”SIZE 16″!

Now I am no waif…but I am a safe size 12…bordering on a 14 depending on the item…but I can safely say I am not a size 16. So while I spent the next 10 minutes sitting in the changing room in my pants inspecting the waistband of the skirt to see if I could alter it (read…add in at least two inches of something!) for me personally it came down to  “can I make this skirt work for me? Do I love it enough for the hassle of altering it?”

However, for some it could be much more mood-altering. I am a 38 year old women, post two children and rather partial to a cake…I have the self esteem to not worry too much about the sizing of items….its the fit and look that matters to me.  What worries me is what would happen if an 18 year old tried this on (who was size 12/14) and she was having a bad day and feeling a bit sensitive about herself…struggling to get a size 16 to fit her would not be a way to make her feel better…in fact it could go some way to making her feel an awful lot worse.

I am a HUGE fan of our high street…I spend a lot of mine and my client’s time and money on it…but to mess around with sizes in the way they do …they are doing themselves no favours. They need to take responsibility for how they size their clothes and what message they are giving out by scrimping too much on fabric allowance. This can have far reaching effects on their customers and how their clothes make them feel.

In the end I added some elastic into the waistband…and paired it with a fitted jumper from Zara and some heals… and I loved it…!



I do feel a little guilty that when a few kind people complemented me about it that evening I *might* have got a little vocal about this issue… hence why I felt I had better find a more appropriate place to vent!

Ok- I had a great day today…working with a client who has recently got the “All Clear” from having breast cancer and wanted to have some sparkle put back into how she looks.. so I  polished off my wand and duly created a whole host of outfits for her with what she already had and am all set to finish off the service tomorrow by helping her shop to fill in the gaps! #ilovemyjob .

If you have anyone you want to treat- Christmas or not…I do sell vouchers for any of my services…so let me know if you want me to organise one for you.

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