December Blog for Level Two Members

December Blog for Level Two Members

Seeing as we are now officially in “the party season” I thought it might be helpful for this month’s membership content to be all about helping you to feel confident and happy in your own skin – not just in your outfits but also in your makeup and skincare too.

All too often we’ll spend hours, or even days, searching for the perfect outfit for that special event; trying to decide whether we are going for sequins, pleated skirts, leather trousers, velvet jumpsuits, a full-on floor-length dress or metallic ankle boots! There is so much choice! However, our beauty look is often left to the last minute; and we end up having to use the same colours and techniques just to get out the door on time!  In order to alleviate this challenge, my advice would be to plan ahead for this party season to ensure your outfit AND your gorgeous face is perfectly polished!

There is SO much I could share with you but just for now I’m going to focus my advice on three main areas; your skin, lips and eyes…


First things first, whatever beauty look you are going to go for, you need to start with helping your skin to glow as much as it can. Obviously, this is important at any time of the year but the winter months are when your skin is especially vulnerable to a whole host of issues due to the extreme changes in temperatures we pass through during our days. Getting into a really good routine of giving your skin what it’s actually crying out for, rather then what you presume it needs (or an advert or salesperson is trying to sell you) is essential. For example, last year I was sucked into buying an expensive retinol product last year as I felt I “should” get it as I am now over forty and “surely I need to combat the wrinkles?” However, what I failed to realise is that wrinkles aren’t my problem area…acne, sensitive skin and eczema are!

There is so much choice out there it is overwhelming to know where to start. However, in my experience these four brands are a great place to start if you want more help; they get huge respect from the skin care industry and really do deliver:

Beauty Pie

Paula’s Choice



All of these ranges tackle specific problems, are highly researched and have great success rates. I joined Beauty Pie back in August and I have been SO impressed. I feel my skin has never looked better (apart from when I was having very expensive and painful laser treatment, great results but it did come at a hefty price!). You can read more about how their membership club works in a blog I wrote back in the summer and if you’d like to sign up you, can get the first month for free with code “KATE EVANS”.

For the past few years I have really stepped up my skin care and makeup knowledge with the help of these three amazing women: Caroline Hirons, Caroline Barns and Jeanie Scott. Both the Caroline’s have You Tube Channels and Caroline Hirons also has a blog full of fantastic knowledge and advice. Jeanie is local to me and is available for incredible facials, she also posts lots of great content on Instagram. All three women give such educated, experienced and well-researched advice in videos as well as written word. If you want like to know more about how to manage your skin as well as what is out there in the industry, I would strongly advise you befriend these women!


Now onto makeup. To make it more digestible I am going to talk eyes and lips as these are the “hot spots” on your face and are what I am asked about most often.


When deciding on a makeup look, most people will either go for a statement lip or eye…If you chose the statement “Red lip” lip route, I would first consider these top tips:

  • Skin tone: You need to determine if you have a warm or a cool skin tone to know the type of red to choose. If you have a cool skin tone, you need to go for a blue- based red, whereas if you have a warm skin tone, it needs to be a yellow based red.
  • Clear or soft colouring: Work out what your colouring can tolerate i.e. if your colouring is soft and muted with no major contrast between your eye colour, hair colour and skin tone, you will need to go for shade of red that isn’t too “pillar box” and is calmer. Whereas if your colouring is very contrasting between your hair colour / eye colour and skin tone, you will need to wear a punchy red to balance the clarity of your own colouring.
  • Dark or light: If your colouring is really dark you will suit a dark, rich red as opposed to a person with very fair hair suiting a lighter, fresher shade of red.

Once you have found your red I would suggest you keep the rest of your make-up pared back; clear, even skin tone, a little blush and neutral eyes, this will mean that your lips aren’t jostling for position, they can take centre stage all by themselves.

If you still can’t find a perfect red for you, you might like to try Lipstick Queen. Stocked in John Lewis and Space NK. These clever lippies alter their colour according to you, the colour of the stick does not replicate the colour it will be on your lips, it will change according to your own PH. Therefore, the colour on you won’t look the same on anyone else…but its designed to be perfect for you….cleaver eh?!

To keep the lippy lasting I would suggest:

  1. Gently exfoliate your lips using a specially formulated lip scrub. The Bliss Fabulous Sugar Lip scrub is a good one or you could make your own by mixing a little sugar with olive oil into a paste consistency.
  2. Apply a non-greasy lip balm to soothe and moisturise your lips. I love Forever Aloe Vera Lip Balm (the BEST one I have found! For the past 40 years I have spent the winter months applying lip salves every half hour – until I found this one. It deeply moisturizes due to the Aloe Vera, so no need for constant reapplication!)
  3. Apply a lip base to prime your lips, help your lipstick stay in place and reduce feathering. I have been using this Mac one for years and it really works and doesn’t dry out your lips.
  4. Use a clear lip liner to help prevent feathering even more. By getting one that is clear it will go with any shade of lipstick. I use this one by Lipstick Queen and it works brilliantly.
  5. Then apply your favourite lipstick
  6. Finally, you can go the extra mile by then blotting loose powder on your lips and reapplying the colour again – this will really help it to have great staying power.

NB: Don’t throw out a lipstick if you feel the shade isn’t quite right, keep it to mix with another colour and you might find the perfect shade!



If lips aren’t your thing, you can always go large on the eye makeup. I have some pointers here that might like to consider according to your eye colour:

 Hazel Eyes

A warm metallic gold will accentuate the yellow flecks around the inner part of the iris, making them shimmer and your eyes look even brighter.

I love this one from Bobbie Brown called Golden Bronze, or “Teddy” from Mac

Brown Eyes

Navy is super wearable during the day and into the night. And, as opposed to black, midnight blues will look softer on warm brown eyes.

I’ve heard really good things about the eye liners from Beauty Pie – here is a blue one:

Green Eyes

There’s nothing like a green-eyed girl with a purple eyeline. The red undertones in a deep plum will enhance your natural hues while still feeling totally wearable. Just make sure its not a cool purple if you have a warm skin tone as it will clash.

This “Prunella” one from Mac is gorgeous

Grey Eyes

Accentuate the blue amid the grayscale with a contrasting vivid red-brown. The wine hue will not only make your eyes pop, but make you feel as warm and fuzzy as a glass of merlot.

This one could be a good option:

Blue Eyes

Cool blue eyes will pop against a contrasting yet complementary deep emerald shade, which will accentuate flecks of gold that might be hiding

NYX stocked in Boots is another great makeup brand to try new colours and their eye liners last all day

In terms of eye shadows- cream eye shadows are best avoided if your eyelids are prone to creasing; powder shadows are much easier to blend and can look more subtle.


  • Nude lips and smoky eyes vs bold lips and subtle eyes…. whether you opt to play up the eyes or the mouth, remember they are never to compete for attention.
  • If you are leaving the office and don’t have much time to glam up before an evening event, try using false eyelashes to instantly make your look more dramatic. There are so many types on the market; sparkly, coloured, jewelled or for a more subtle approach- try individual lashes, I love these ones from Charlotte Tilbury/
  • A great way to totally change the way you look is to try coloured contact lenses. I found this site – (I haven’t tried them from here, so can’t vouch for the quality, but they are widely available)
  • Don’t forget to book your (cut) and blow dry now to make sure it’s on the day you want it.
  • At the same time you might like treat yourself and book a manicure. I rarely get gel manicures done as I find they wreck my nails. I just use normal polish from Barry M (amazing!) and a great base and top coat from Beauty Pie.



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This month I have recorded a webinar packed full of tips, inspiration and ideas for party fashion dressing- you can watch it here


This took place on Monday 9th December, here is the link to watch the recording of it. 


If you enjoy my membership or webinar content, please let me know by either emailing me or tagging me in social media as this really helps spread the word…thank you! Here are the links to my channels:
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For those of you who have recently joined – please do go back to look at all the membership content which is also available for you.

You can find this by
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Next month a few changes will be taking place with the membership and webinars that I think you will love- I will be in touch very soon to tell you all about it!

In the meantime- have an amazing time at all your Christmas shindigs!!
Kate x
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