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How does it work?


  • I meet/ arrange a conversation with the Managing Director or key decision-maker to identify their challenges, highlight the areas for focus and support and understand what their expectations are.
  • This conversation helps you decide if I’m a good fit for your organisation and will let me determine whether I feel I’m able to offer you the right kind of coaching.
  • From here, we then arrange a formal Fact-Finding session(s). This gives us the opportunity to establish individual and organisational needs, meet with relevant employees and draw up a clear contract to include confidentiality, objectives, process and costs.
  • The initial discussion is without obligation and at no cost to you.


We can discuss how sessions will be conducted during our initial meeting but typically the format is as follows:

1. I arrange a time and date to meet with each individual. This can either be face-to-face at your organisation (travel costs apply), over the telephone or via Skype/Facetime

2. Sessions are in two-hour blocks and are held during the normal working day.

3. To ensure the team put into practice the necessary steps to meet their goals, I always recommend committing to the coaching process for at least 3 months.

4. Each session explores and challenges the opportunities and objectives as well as identifying practical steps to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

5. At the end of each session, the individual and I review their progress and agree the next phase of their action plan. This ensures they remain focussed and maximise the benefits of the process.

6. Sessions are confidential. Details of the session will only be shared with other members of the organisation if the individual being coached grants their express permission.

7. After three months, we conduct a meeting with myself, the individual and their manager to discuss how progress is tracking against their objectives. This assesses the value the coaching has provided to the client and the organisation. Any further support can be agreed at this point.

  • I work in two – hour coaching slots at £225 / hour
  • Fact Finding sessions: £250/hour
  • 3-way meeting between myself, the client and the coachee: £250/hour


The sessions are invoiced and paid for in advance.

Travel expenses charged at £50/hour (pro rata) if further then 15 miles from WR11 7TH