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As a Managing Director or business owner you will have many goals but, in my experience, the biggest priorities are most often profitability, operating efficiently, a productive workforce and low staff turnover.

One-to-one coaching is highly effective in targeting all these areas as well as successfully facilitating other key business objectives.

Who I work with: I help leaders and teams in the Professional Services industry who are struggling with challenges that hinder progress and their ability to think strategically and plan effectively.

What do they want: A clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses; how to target these as well as supportive and effective guidance so they can achieve the goals they set themselves and the business.

What do I do that is different from other coaches? My down-to-earth approach offers clarity in a complex environment that is regularly clouded by corporate jargon. Combining an “outsider’s perspective” with tried and tested coaching techniques that bring out the best in my clients, I provide the constructive tools and insight they need to resolve challenges big and small. Armed with a fresh outlook and renewed positivity they can move forward clarity and purpose.


  • A more effective workforce
  • Greater productivity
  • Delivers efficiency savings both in time and money
  • Employees feel valued and supported
  • A happier, healthier work culture resulting in lower staff turnover


  • Goal setting and co-creating a targeted strategy to meet objectives
  • Identifying the barriers that stand in the way of achieving their goals
  • Mastering time management techniques so they can work smarter
  • Appreciating their strengths and how to leverage them
  • Understanding their weaknesses and how to address them
  • The opportunity to challenge negative thought processes
  • Understanding and managing their own stress and its triggers
  • Offering staff a “safe space” to discuss confidential issues and “let off steam”
  • Build confidence in their abilities as they track measurable goals and experience the benefits of the changes they are making

How does it work

“Kate has helped the team to become more efficient with their time, more aware of their strengths and weaknesses and how to deal with these and this has had a direct result on the improved service they provide to clients.”

Mr Peter Horton
Divisional Director,
Investec Wealth and Investment