Clash of the Titans

Clash of the Titans

This time of year is manic for me as my clients are needing my help to sort their wardrobes out; to know what to get rid of, to get ideas of what to put together, to find out where the gaps are and ideas of what to fill them with. Additional to this I also madly prepping and shopping for clients going to Race Week…. and with the new lines coming into the stores on a daily basis- I am spoilt for choice. By the time you read this Cheltenham Maman and I will have hosted an evening at No 38 The Park in Cheltenham where I presented on what fashions and style are coming in for the new season…giving ideas on where I think the best buys are, how to wear them and which will update your wardrobe really easily.

One of my favorite looks for this season is the combination of wearing pink and red…. together! (Audible gasp!) I remember when this was the epitome of badly dressed…but how things change….!. In theory they ‘clash’, but when mixed together in the right way they can make a real style statement. So here are my ideas on how to make this look really wearable and avoid the miss-clash!

Block Colours

Probably the boldest statement you can make with this colour combination – try block colours. A red skirt worn with a pink top (or vice versa) is sure to make you stand out from the crowd and needs little else to finish off the look. Definitely one to try if you have a Dramatic style personality! 

Photo credit: Blair Eadie, Atlantic-Pacific


Subtler Shades

You don’t have to go all out with the bright red/pink thing- you can opt for paler, subtler shades if you prefer. Powder pink will work particularly well if you are very fair and it looks beautiful when worn with a richer geranium red or a soft claret colour.

Photo: Glam Radar

Photo: Into the gloss


A red or pink bag, shoes, belt or statement necklace are all greats ways of incorporating colour into your outfit, without it feeling too overpowering.

Jeffrey Campbell Purdy Heels

In particular, a red bag is a great item to add to your wardrobe as it can lift a simple monochromatic colour palette and give it real vibrancy and interest…I love this one from Michal Kors…

Michael Kors, £155


Pattern Play

Patterns are the perfect way of incorporating different colours into your outfit without feeling like you have to go ‘the whole hog’.  You could opt for an oriental or floral pattern with shades of red, pink and other colours from your palette….all mixed up- it takes the pressure off feeling too bold.

Photo credit: Blue Laybourne & Alex Nightingale Smith

ASOS: £14.00



Nail It

The simplest way to add a colour ‘clash’… change your nail colour! Pink and red are both great shades to opt for and can provide the subtlest of colour pops to your outfit (add a matching lip to pull your whole look together). My favorite nail brand is Barry M…cheep and very cheerful and when worn with the best top coat there is Seche Vite Professiaonl you would never know it wasn’t a “lux” brand.


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