Party dressing- Part 1

Party dressing- Part 1

I have been in full-on Christmas-party-styling mode this week as I was presenting to members at Soho Farmhouse on Monday with my ideas on how you can glam yourself up for the party season this year. I was showing them it doesn’t have to be very complex- for some people they might want to do this by finding the perfect red lippy…for others they will only feel party-ready if they are wearing a sparkly,  feather trimmed dress…it really is horses for courses! However, I thought it might be helpful if I shared some of the ideas I was showing them.

Due to the volume of wonderful choices available to us on our high street and beyond- this is going to be a two-parter…this week is going to style ideas so you can take advantage of the Black Friday craziness (any one else feeling *slightly* overwhelmed by all the deals…? I have put my blinkers firmly on and am sticking to my list of things I actually need rather then want ….so GHD hair curlers have been duly bought…next up its skincare…but am waiting for a “deal” ….I’m looking at you M&S-a cheeky 20% off code would do nicely please so I can stock up on my Emma Hardie lovelies!!).

Next week I will be talking dress codes and how to manage the practicalities of party-dressing.


Tip No. 1: Get yourself some fur (fake or otherwise)

To me it seems a real shame if you have made an effort with your outfit and its all sparkling, colourful and glamourous… but you then have the coat you do the school run in over the top…it just doesn’t “flow”! The coat doesn’t have to be expensive…but I would defiantly get one that is smarter, glamourous and not school- run worthy as surely life is too short to deny ourselves?

Miranda Dunn

Miranda’s coats are incredible…you can personalise them with your initials on the back, they come in a range of colours, styles and prints and are super-warm. They come up big- so have a think about how you would wear yours and what fit you want…(I have mine small as I know I would only be wearing mine with thin jumpers or a silk shirt underneath…if I tried to wear it for more day to dayI would be bound to get mud, children’s detritus or dog slobber on it…!!!). Take a look at her website to see the whole range of her “Happy Coats”…they really are a fabulous investment piece and will always help you be party-ready!


A great classic coat with the fur cuff detail…for those of you who want to give a subtle nod to the look!


You can always rely on Topshop to have some fabulous party-pieces in. Just ignore the feeling of “am I too old / cool enough to be in here” and get shopping…it really is a treasure trove of inspiring fashion.

Tip 2: Sparkles all the way…

A Christmas party isn’t really a Christmas party without some sprinkling of fairy dust…here are some great picks that caught my eye…

Gift Pop

If you haven’t discovered Gift Pop- go take a look. Run by Hannah she has an amazing eye for beautiful, fun, creative accessories at a really accessible price point. This scarf is a brilliant solution to the “I want to look like I have made an effort but I don’t need to go all out glam”…you can wear it over a jumper, tee shirt or jacket and it will do all the hard work for you!


Monsoon have gone Christmas party outfit-tastic this year…you cannot move for velvet, sequins, dresses and glamour! I loved this little jacket- so easy to pair up with some leather trousers and heals or a slightly dressed down option of silk shirt and boyfriend jeans…either way- its a classic that won’t date.

Tip 3: The all important “Pop of Colour or Metallic”

You can be wearing the simplest of outfits (cashmere jumper and skinny jeans / jumper dress / silk shirt and cropped trousers)  but if you can bring a pop of colour to the party- it really does add something and turns a simple outfit into something much more interesting.

I love a coloured clutch:

Organise Us

This one is from a company I have known about for ages as they make the most fantastic diaries in a range of different colour leathers and Pellaq and I have bought from them time and time again. However, I have now discovered they stock beautiful clutches, purses and bags. This one I felt was very Smythson-esque but for a fraction of the price. It has an internal purse you can take out so you can use it just for a few cards/cash and your phone when you are out…but then turn it back into your day to day purse.


Who doesn’t love a statement earring…? These ones are particularly beautiful as the flowers are made from leather- so have a bit of texture…

Cotton and Gems


My last pick would be a statement belt- in a colour or something more glamourous- a metallic gold or silver. These ones from Bricks and Stitches are fabulous…worn with a black silk shirt tucked into jeans with a tuxedo jacket- the pop of the gold or silver will really add some bling to the outfit.

Bricks and Stitches

These ideas are just the tip of the iceburg…so go wild in the isles….but remember to stick to your list as no-one likes a duplicate or  gap in the wardrobe and make sure there are no “one hit wonders” (ie that stunning jacket you have nothing to wear with it) trying to party on its own- it needs a friend you can wear it with!! I’ll be back next week with some advice on the practicalities!

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