Can I introduce you to Aspiga…

Can I introduce you to Aspiga…

You may already know about Aspiga– a brand that has sustainability and ethical trading at the heart of what it does…but in case you don’t- please let me introduce them.

Lucy Macnamara established the business 12 years ago after being on holiday in Kenya and seeing the incredible beadwork and craftsmanship of products made by the locals. She wanted to harness this so that it could support their local economy and provide beautiful, quality, handmade goods to an international customer base. The collection is made from natural, sustainable fibres in vibrant colours, with hand embroidered or beaded embellishments.

I have known about this brand for the past five years and they have been on my list of “recommended brands” I pass on to my clients ever since as their collections are always of full of colour and beautiful prints  – made from natural and sustainable materials that provide brilliant pieces for for warm days.

Seeing as the weather is amazing at the moment it seemed appropriate to give you a few of my recommendations from their current collection so that should you want to dive in to make a few purchases, you can do so with confidence as to what would work for you. I also have a discount code at the end for you to get 10% off their collection.

This has to be my favourite piece from the entire collection- the print, the style (and the background) are all just perfect! It will work well for you if you are top heavy due to the cut of the straps and the fact the dress flares as it goes down. The colours will work well for everyone no matter what your colouring…so that makes it flexible! You will need height on your side though (5ft 7″ and above) as the length of it and volume of fabric could swamp a smaller frame.

Lenu Maxi dress: £100 

This one- is a great style for those of you who might be top heavy and don’t want lots of details up at your shoulders and need it more down at the hip. Careful if you are shorter then 5ft 6″ though as the fact the dress is made up of different fabrics could make you look shorter. If this is the case- just make sure you wear this with a good pair of heels! The colour is perfect for you if you need cool tones for your skin.

Louise Organic Cotton Midi dress £58

I chose this to inspire those of you with soft colouring where you need to warm, muted, tonal colours…the print of this dress is perfect. If you are bottom heavy it would work brilliantly as the detail across the shoulders will make them look broader and therefore help to balance out your lower half.

Raela Off the shoulder Dress: £110

I just love the colour of this; a beautiful warm pink- great for those of you with a warm skin tone… and the gold flecks only add to this. A stunning dress for smarter occasions or summer parties. Wear with strappy gold sandals to finish off the look.

Crystal Organic cotton midi dress: £150

This style would work well for those of you with a straight shape (no waist definition) and need a bit of contrast in your colouring. I also love the graphic print…. it would work well with red or turquoise accessories.

Dori Organic cotton dress: £70

Summer wouldn’t be summer without a white dress! I love the simplicity of this one- such pretty, understated details. Careful though if you are bottom heavy as the dropped waist will add bulk to your hips.

Ella Midi Dress: £140

This shirt would work well for you if you are broad at your shoulders or have a straight torso as the detail brings your eyes into the middle. The frills at the cuff also work brilliantly as they bring attention down to your hips. The print is stunning too and would work well with white or blue jeans and strappy wedges.

Helena Frill Blouse: £70

I have a top similar to this from another brand and I cannot tell you how useful it is for hot days, when you don’t want anything to cling to you! This will hang and drape past full tummies and hides the whole lot! I love the rope detail and the range of colours this top comes in.

Miranda Plat Sun Top: £38

These are amazing…I have a very similar pair and they are so cool, so comfortable and so perfect for hot days when you don’t want to show your legs! If your legs are on the shorter side I would make sure you wear with sandals that are very neutral or similar in colour to the trousers so you don’t “chop” your leg up ay further.

Harem Cotton Trousers: £50

All the accessories in the range are stunning…but I particularly love this bag as I feel you could use it all year round. I am a sucker for a straw bag…but one with sequins is even more amazing! Perfect for day to day use or trips to the beach.

Sequined Striped Bag: £80

This bag is shows the craftsmanship so beautifully and is such a stunning statement piece- you could be wearing the most simplest if outfits….a single coloured maxi dress or a white shirt and black leather trousers with heels and this bag will do all the talking for you.

Pattern Cross Body soft Beaded Bag: £95

And don’t forget to look at their sandals too…so many to chose from! My advice would be to go for neutral colours if you want maximum wear out of them as they will then go with the most amount of items in your wardrobe…

Tatu Heel sandals: £65

Or if you have a warm skin tone- the gold ones will only make your feet look browner and link well with any gold jewellery you are wearing…

Luna Sandals: £90

I really hope you like the pieces I have picked and this blog has been helpful in giving you a guide as to what could work for you.

I have a discount code which gives you 10% discount – please enter ‘KATEEVANS10′ at checkout and do let me know what you chose!

Take care and have a lovely rest of the weekend.

Kate x