Beware the school-gate fashion-police!

Beware the school-gate fashion-police!

Not sure about you but I am now beginning to flag on the whole “school holiday thing”. Don’t get me wrong…I have LOVED it and I am go grateful that I can manage my work around my children so that I can spend the majority of the holidays with them…buuuuuuuuuuuut it is hard to not get bothered by the constant mess, constant meal prep/serve/tidy away carousel and the battle within myself to want to do “fun stuff” with them while at the same time stubbornly insisting that they have to make their own fun sometimes and “life is not all about wall to wall entertainment” (anyone else hear their mother coming out of their mouths on a daily basis?!)

Anyway-  looking towards to next week…we are back into the thick of it and I have had quite a few clients booking my services with the brief that they want to feel better about themselves and have the confidence to go to school pick up (for example) and not feel like a wreck.

While I totally understand their sentiment and we have all been there;  bedraggled/on the back foot/wearing clothes that are dirty/didn’t actually get time to brush hair or put makeup on…it can make you feel rubbish when you then see a collection of women looking so polished and “on it”. Even if they are only wearing jeans and a jacket- you can still feel intimidated and inevitably crushed by your own appearance.

This situation makes make me feel quite sad though. Why do we women feel as though we have to look fabulous-ALL THE TIME- even at the school gates? Do you think our mums worried about what they looked like when they picked us up from school? I think we can safely say, by and large…that’ll be a NO! Why do we feel that there is nowhere to hide from the eye of the school gate fashion police?

You see the rushed-off-their-feet working mums who ditch and run-feeling all the guilt (that’s sometimes me – although I can’t run in heals!), then you get the fitness fanatics in their bouncy trainers and lycra (that’s very rarely me, but I wish it was), forever on their way to a keep fit class or Zumba. But in all the melee…there will be some mums who are sizing up,  comparing and either feeling like they are winning or losing. And it shouldn’t happen.

I read a brilliant article in The Pool this morning by a mum who was so intimidated by a women she saw every day at the school gates. She thought she looked so cool, so pretty, so well dressed…ultimately “so out of her league”, she could never talk to her.  However, to cut a long story short- one day she did talk to her and discovered that this women had just as many hang ups, life stresses, worries and fears as she did- the only thing that was different is that she knew how own style and wore it with confidence. They are now best friends!

So, what pearls of style wisdom do I have to offer you so that you can get dressed without decision fatigue and walk out the door (while simultaneously cajoling children to put their shoes on…let’s be realistic here) so that you can feel happier and not about to feel immediate intimidation…

1. Smack on a smile- this is the number one “ice breaker” and confidence giver out there.

2. A  statement coat or raincoat which is practical and you can put over any of your more casual clothes to lift your look, (even if you are still wearing your nightie underneath, no-one will know!)

3. Wear a colour that really suits you – that way you will look up to date, more vibrant, energetic and less tired.

4. A  little lipstick and lip gloss will brighten your morning and make you feel more confident… I have one beside the front door, one in my handbag and one in the car- all bases covered!!

So, the moral of this blog is:

  1. To not presume that everyone is judging you on how you dress, if they are…they are not the type of friend you want!
  2. To not presume that just because someone is well dressed, doesn’t mean they are going to judge you if you are on below par that day
  3. Get your own armour on- in the simplest format-




NB. I will be doing a blog on fabulous coats soon- watch this space!

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