Being upfront…

Being upfront…

Since I began doing what I do, I have always been honest with how I work. I recommend items to clients based on real knowledge and desire to help rather then knowing I will be getting a fat commission cheque from the brand in question. Even when I was an in-house personal shopper for a department store in London, I didn’t work on commission. I wanted my clients to trust me and that trust is based on being honest in how I work….so I want to reassure you on my values.

Since my social media following has grown, so have the opportunities that are coming may way. One of these is that companies now approach me to ask if I will endorse their products. However, there have been several brands wanting to work with me who I have turned down, as it just wasn’t the right fit and I wouldn’t chose to wear their products and I wasn’t convinced my clients would either.

Recently I have started to build relationships with local companies and those further afield, who I think are offering a fantastic service and have great products, ethics and values. I obviously see a lot of shops, brands and ranges in my work…I also showcase them though my social media. However, I would so prefer to be talking about / styling / promoting a business local to me, or is supporting a community of people,  so that their, and my, local area benefit rather then giving more exposure to a multinational company.

Alongside this, I have also been asked to be the Personal Shopper for the Cotswolds Christmas Fair, held at Daylesford in November in aid of WellChild. I will be available for Personal Shopping for those attending the  Fair…which I am doing free of charge. To add value to this service I am running a social media campaign where I am showcasing the various fashion and accessory brands who will be exhibiting, in the lead up to the fair. I will be styling / photographing / distributing images on social media to raise the brand’s profile as well as giving those attending the fair, the heads -up on what will be there and may well tempt others to buy a ticket to come along (which would be great as every penny of the tickets goes to the charity).

I hope that clarifies for you how I work…and I hope shows you that you can continue to trust my recommendations, ideas and suggestions as these are built on my commitment to my clients, the value I place in the service I offer and are honest representations of things I like.




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