BBC Radio Interview

BBC Radio Interview

Hello…hope you are all ok?

Just a quick one today to let you know I was interviewed by BBC Radio Stoke last week to ask my thoughts on the importance of the impression people in a position of authority make on others and how this effects the way they are viewed. The interview was sparked by recent media interest in German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, who has been seen visibly shaking at public events, but is insisting she is fine.

If you would like to listen to the interview- click below:

I always stand by the fact that as humans, we are visual creatures; we will make judgements about a person on how they look, before we judge the content of what they say (even if you are seeing and hearing them at the same time).  My job is to help you to always feel confident in the choices you make about what you wear and how you present yourself for any situation, so that you can make sure the world is “judging” you in the way you want to be viewed!

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