Baukjen summer style…

Baukjen summer style…

Hurrah hurrah….school’s out for the summer (yes I know…what school??) and Baukjen has a new collection busting at the seams with pieces that will make you feel happy! So what a better way to start the week but with my quick round up of what’s caught my eye along with my usual tips and tricks to help you to make the best and most informed decisions as to what to invest in.

Starting with a striped top…(summer wouldn’t be summer without a Bretton top…!) I loved this one as it was a bit different to the classic navy and white ones. This soft, rust red is so flattering for those of you with soft, and warm and deep colouring…and paired with the Gail jeans in the same colour it gives an updated, classic look.

Emma Organic Cotton Stripe Top

Emma Organic Cotton Stripe top: £59 (£47.20 with my discount)

Gail Jean

Gail Jean: £99 (£79.20 with my discount)

Careful with this type of cropped trouser if your legs aren’t the longest…they could well be cutting your leg in the wrong place and make them look shorter. The best way to get round this would be to wear neutral coloured shoes with a pointed toe so that it elongates your leg.

A simple, uncluttered, cotton- denim shirt….I loved the softness of the colour of this and it would be so useful all year round- so take note if this could work well in your capsule wardrobe  It is a universal colour…so works for all colour groups and the uncluttered style could mean it’s a flattering shirt option for those of you with a fuller bust, as there are no pockets there. If it does pull at the buttons between the bust, you could always undo those to underneath the bust and wear a top underneath?

Ada Organic Shirt

Ada Organic Shirt: £99 (£79.20 with my discount)

Another shirt option for you- this time collarless, so good for those of you with a shorter neck. The lighter, cooler colours would work well if you have cool or light colouring and again- this classic style will work all year round. In the summer you could dress it down with denim shorts and white jeans and in the winter it could be worn layered with a blazer and leather trousers as in the picture (FYI, these are the Liv Leather leggings– the best leather trousers I have EVER had!)

Alex Shirt

Alex Shirt:£99 (£79.20 with my discount)


The skinny jeans in this picture are amazing… I have a pair and they are SO comfortable. They come up on the waist a little higher so “contain” everything that needs to be contained (if you get my drift). Super soft fabric and not too clingy…perfect if you don’t want to look like you have sausage legs!

Wren Recycled Skinny Jean

Wren Recycled skinny jeans: £99 (£79.20 with my discount)

I have recommended this top to SO many clients as it is brilliant for those of you with a full bust. Jersey, relaxed fabric in a good quality so doesn’t cling too much and a flattering neckline with the ties dropping down the front to draw your eye into the middle rather then your sides…all of these elements are so kind to the curves. The design team bring it out season after season as it is so popular and this season it is in this stunning, very clear blue…perfect for you if you have bright. clear colouring- especially with blue eyes!

Eleanor Ecovero™ Blouse


Eleanor Blouse:£79 (£63.20 with my discount)

Or you could try a similar style in a print:

Juliana Ecovero™ Blouse

Juliana Blouse: £89 (£71.20 with my discount)

Baukjen is clearly loving the side stripe trouser style at the moment as there are lots to chose from- I particularly like the simplicity of these ones…so flattering and look so elegant but the style will be so comfortable and relaxed. Sadly they are too short for me (all Baukjen trousers are…so be careful if you are more then 5ft 9″ as they might not be long enough for you either.)

Rhode Pant

Rhode Pant: £89 (£71.20 with my discount)

Both of these pictures show the Kara Leather jacket which is an iconic style in their leather range. I have the navy blue one and every time I wear it someone will comment on how gorgeous it is, and then ask to stroke me- such is the softness of the leather!! They are well cut. generous and made to last. The other thing I love about them is that the metal work is in gold which is really unusual and great for those of you with a warm skin tone- much less harsh then silver metal work and will tone better with the warm tones of the other items in your wardrobe. They are definitely an investment piece but they will last you years. I first got a Baukjen leather jacket three years ago and have worn it to death and it is still good as I can properly vouch for them.

Kara Leather Jacket

Kara Leather Jacket: £449 (£359.20 with my discount)


I hope that gives you some inspirational starting points – if you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: “KATE20″ to get 20% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen, please do let me know…


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