Aurelia review and offer code

Aurelia review and offer code

I wanted to let you know about a skincare brand that I have know about for a while but only recently tried myself; its called Aurelia. In their own words- here is a bit about them:

“Aurelia Probiotic Skincare is made in Britain, with the purest of BioOrganic ingredients sourced sustainably from around the world. We want our products to make a real difference to women by delivering glowing, balanced skin every day.

We push the boundaries of science and nature and have celebrated winning over 100 industry and consumer awards since 2013 for our brand and beautiful products.”

You can see more of their approach in this video. 

They are stocked in nationwide in Space NK and in London department stores. As I said- I have known about them for a while but was so excited when they contacted me a few weeks ago to send me some products. I have been using these for the past few weeks and have been so impressed- not only do they smell divine, but I have noticed a real difference in my skin- namely that it is not so “red” and sensitive (which is a HUGE plus point considering the weather we have been having. By now my skin would usually be so dry, uneven and generally pretty unhappy having been out on numerous dog walks and standing beside netball courts being a supportive mum in freezing temperatures! It also hasn’t seen the sun for what feels like eternity!). I have used their cleanser, day and night moisturizers and the serum and I have become a real convert to the “probiotic approach” . It also feels good to be supporting a brand that is very clear, open and honest about what they do and why they do it.

If you would like to try out any of their products they are offering my client base a 20% discount with the code: “KE20” which can be used until the end of the ear (so allows for a cheeky second order!) I am not working on any form of commission – I just see these recommendations as part of the service I offer you and if I can pass on a saving to you – so much the better!

The PR girls at Aurelia asked if they could interview me about what I do to include on their website- so I have included it below in case you might like to have a read!

Have a lovely weekend…xx

Tell us more about how you started your company and the work that you do?

I trained in 2004 to be an Image Consultant with Colour Me Beautiful as I had had my colours done and found it to be a “life-changing” process (without sounding too dramatic..!!) I just loved it that I could go into a shop and know what was going to work for me and what wasn’t. I loved it that I wasn’t going to waste time and money on clothes that didn’t work for me. Since I was at a bit of cross roads in my life I decided to have a career change and train to help others feel as good as I did.

What was your background before you set up on your own?

I am a trained Primary school teacher….but I left the profession as I needed a break and thought that I could always go back to it but wanted to do something different. I had a huge creative streak in me that needed to be used. I also wanted to do more in a way of empowering people. I think it is safe to say I won’t be going back as I love what I do now too much!

What makes your services unique in the world of self-care?

I give information that literally lasts a lifetime. Unless your hair rapidly changes colour –or your body shape dramatically changes- the advice and guidelines will always enable you to know what works for you, know how to disguise the bits you don’t like, and highlight the bits you do. Clients tell me that a two-hour session with me is more effective than therapy as I am giving “hands-on” advice as to how to feel happier and more confident about the body they have. The boost they get in seeing themselves in a whole new light and in clothes that make them feel good, is incredible.

Should everyone be getting their colours done?

Yes!! Why wouldn’t you want to know what colours will make you look fabulous? If you don’t know- it’s left to guess work.

Are there any rules for colour or is everyone different?

Most of the advice I give is very tailored to the client’s individual needs…however, a general rule is that neutral colours should make up about 50% of your wardrobe as they will pull it all together, go with everything and you won’t fall out of love with them as quickly as you might a brighter coloured item.

Do you like to incorporate mindfulness in your life coaching work?

I don’t necessarily include direct “mindfulness” as such- but the session itself is an exercise in a form of mindfulness- it allows the client to stop, take a deep breath and to notice what is going on around them…what is happening in their lives, what they like and what they want to change. Life Coaching gives you the ability to pause, reflect and examine how you are living your life and enables you to formulate a plan of how you are going to make the changes you want.

What are your top tips for those looking for a style refresh?

Find out what colours, styles, cut, fabrics and design of clothes work for you- that is the most important element. A Full Image Consultation is like being given a recipe book…a recipe is so much easier to follow to get you the outcome you want as opposed to trying to work it out yourself! So getting the “recipe book” on what to do to dress well for any occasion is the most logical start in getting a style refresh. Then you need to have a huge sort out of your wardrobe to make sure that everything in it is working for you and you are actually regularly wearing it all and it goes together. Then you need to make a shopping list of what is missing and get out there to get shopping. You can take inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, Bloggers etc to show you other ways of styling…but ultimately- you need to flex your style muscles and start to develop your own style- built on foundations of real confidence in knowing what works for you.

And finally, what is your favourite product from the Aurelia Probiotic Skincare range and why?

I really like the Revitalise and Glow Serum…it makes your skin feel so soft and it really does deliver on the “dewy” front! I have been using it for a week now and have really noticed a difference in my skin looking more uniform- which is an incredible feat after the cold weather we have been having! I love the ethos behind Aurelia and the values they stand by…it is so refreshing to find a brand that creates great products, doesn’t compromise and produces the results they promise.

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