Are you trapped in black?

Are you trapped in black?

A recent survey found that 41% of our wardrobes are made up of black clothes – sound familiar?

Each one of us on average, own 5 black tops, 3 black pairs of trousers, 2 black skirts, one LBD (little black dress) and 4 pairs of black shoes.

No wonder the people we know and love rarely notice we’ve been out on a shopping splurge – marvellously, it really does all look the same to the untrained eye!

Some of us head for black in the shops as it is ‘safe’ and some of us opt for black because it’s in a style we like and it just doesn’t come in any other colour. Or some ladies feel it’s slimming and undoubtedly darker colours are more slimming, but there is a problem with black. It just doesn’t suit everyone.

It can make us look pale and drawn. Looking washed out can make you feel below par too, so you can walk around all day not quite feeling yourself but not really knowing why.

It goes without saying that black is a great neutral and staple in your wardrobe  as it goes with so many other colours. So if you look a bit paler when you put on your favourite black top, think again – should you be wearing black close to your face, or are you better in black trousers or a skirt? Or consider what other colours you could wear it with that really suit you.

Don’t get stuck in the rut of being so used to seeing yourself in black and therefore never questioning whether it actually suits you or not. So often when I am doing colour consultations I show clients what black looks like next to their face – pointing out how it is highlighting dark circles and flaws around the face you wouldn’t want to draw attention to. I then show them alternative colours- which immediately help to reflect the right light onto their face and therefore help then to look “well”, like they have had more sleep and been for a facial! It always results is audible gasps!!

The only people who can wear black successfully and look stunning in it are ladies with dark hair and dark eyes, dark hair with bright blue eyes or silver haired ladies. This is because black harmonises and balances with their natural colouring.

If your hair isn’t any of these colours then there are some great alternatives depending on which colour hair you have. For example, brown is huge this season, as is olive green. Navy and charcoal grey are also fabulous teamed with some of brighter colours. Dark purple or damson are also great neutrals in your wardrobe and can be worn with so many lovely colours.

So next time you reach for that new black purchase, – think again – should I really be wearing this? What would be a better alternative?

So let me know if you would like to book in for a Colour find out what works for you. I am currently booked up until the new year…but I am operating a Cancellation List which does move quite quickly as things change all the time- so its worth getting in touch to see where I am up to with my appointments.

Have a lovely weekend xxx

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