All you need to know about glasses…

All you need to know about glasses…

I don’t think I have ever done a blog on glasses, yet they are something I am asked about a lot! Therefore, I thought it might be helpful if I pulled together the guidelines I would always use when advising clients in one to one consultations.

Choosing eyeglasses is not easy, especially when you’re confronted with a vast selection to choose from and you have no idea where to start! Glasses become a focal point, being one of the first things noticed about you, so it’s important to choose a style that flatters you and are consistent with the image you want to portray.

If you wear prescription glasses every day you should consider investing in more than one pair, for instance, 1 x pair for work, 1 x pair for play and 1 x pair of sunglasses. Luckily there are ways to make choosing them easier and to narrow the choices down to styles that are more likely to work for you.

So here is my guide…

1.Style personality

For most people- it is important to them that they have an “all over” look- incorporating clothes and accessories; so you will need to make sure your glasses show off your style personality too. For example, if you favour dramatic, statement clothes and accessories you will be drawn to similarly statement eyeglasses as well. Whereas, your style might be more paired back, with simple, clean lines- in which case it will be important to you that your glasses follow suit.

2. Proportion

In general, you want your frames to be in proportion with the rest of your face. It’s different when you are shopping for sunglasses, which tend to be larger for greater coverage, but what looks good as a sunglass will not necessarily look good in optical.

3. Contrast

The shape of your frame should contrast the shape of your face, so if you have rounder features, you want more angular glasses, and if you have more angular features you want to soften them with more curved shapes.

4. Colour

Whether you choose glasses that blend with your colouring or contrasts is down to your style personality. My advice would be- choose a colour that compliments your features (but some of you will be attracted to glasses that contrast the tone of your face and hair will stand out more); ultimately, it’s up to you how much of a statement you want your glasses to make.

Choosing your colour will depend on your colouring:

• If you have blonde, fair or light brown hair and a pale complexion-try lightweight styles with delicate colour effects.
• Experiment with colours that add warmth to your skin tone.
• Avoid dark, heavy styles, cold colours such as blues and greens, and light-coloured metals.
• If you blush easily, avoid pinks and amber.



• If you have very dark hair, bright eyes and pale skin- you need to wear glasses that “pop”…black or bright coloured frames will really work well with your contrasting colouring.
• If this feels a bit much for your personality- go neutral or dark grey or navy

• Try to reflect the warmth of your natural colouring with reddish brown, gold, copper or tortoiseshell colours.
• Greens and browns will match the colour of your eyes.
• Avoid cold colours.


• If you have light grey/white/ash/cool tone to your hair and pale eyes: Try lighter coloured metal or plastic frames. Avoid heavy dark frames.
• If you have darker hair and eyes: Try a rich deep colour and pewter or metal styles.

• If you have dark hair and perhaps an olive, Mediterranean or light Asian complexion:
• Try metal frames in antique silver or gold colours, as well as softer browns.
• Avoid pastels or very dark colours and heavy styles.


• If you have very fair hair, pale skin and pale eyes- you will suit light coloured glasses so that they do not overwhelm or are too obvious on your face.
• The metal colour depends on your skin tone…but make sure it blends rather then “chimes”

5. Face Shape

Glasses come in many different shapes and sizes, which can considerably change how they look on your face. Frames should be no higher than the line of your eyebrows. The lower edge should not sit on your cheeks, even when you smile, and the frames should be no wider than the width of your face at the temples.

• LONG NOSE: a low set bridge appears to shorten it.
• SHORT NOSE: a high set bridge in line with the top of the frames is best.
• CLOSE-SET EYES: a thin or clear bridge can add width.
• WIDE-SET EYES: a coloured bridge will make wide-set eyes appear closer together.

• SQUARE FACE: oval frames are best as they soften the jaw line. Avoid thin, angular styles and those with colour emphasis on the bottom rim.
• ROUND FACE: angular or geometric styles are best as they draw attention to the top half of your face. Avoid small, round styles and large frames, which can make your face look rounder.
• OVAL FACE: oval faces look great in most styles! Be adventurous and try modern geometric shapes, which are stylish and fashionable.
• LONG FACE: go for wide frames with a strong top line. Avoid small, square shapes and instead opt for a style with all over colour.

• TRIANGULAR FACE: try bold, strong shapes to add balance to the face. Triangular faces should avoid small, narrow frames.
• HEART-SHAPED FACE: wear slender, rounded or square styles without decorative detail on the temples. Avoid styles that are wider at the top, these will reflect the face shape rather than balance it.

6. Jewellery:

Your glasses don’t just perform a function; they’re also a fashion accessory. Think of them as another piece of jewellery and you won’t look overdressed.

• Avoid mixing gold frames with silver jewellery and vice versa
• Opt for neat earrings if you wear bold glasses
• Bright coloured frames draw attention to the eyes so try earrings in a matching colour – or none at all to avoid distraction

I have recently started working with Harper and Cooper- an Opticians based in Cheltenham. I have been really impressed with the advice they give, the care they take with their customers and the range they stock. Here is a link to their Instagram page  or their Facebook page. In their words “we provide stylish glasses at affordable prices” and I can certainly vouch for this- the passion for what they do and the service they give literally shines out of them! When I talked to them about the blog I was going to do- they offered my clients and followers the opportunity to become one of their “members” which would entitle you to:

  • Unlimited, free lenses when you buy a new frame (single vision lenses only)
  • Clinical Updates – receive details of advanced clinical services to enable you to take better care of your eyes.
  • New spectacle care kit every 6 months
  • Invitations to sale previews and guest list for style events

So do mention this when you go into their store (they are located by the entrance to the Regent Arcade on Regent Street).

I hope that helps! As always- any questions…just ask!

Kate x


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