All shiney and new…

All shiney and new…

I promise you this blog is not about PVC, patent leather, latex or anything remotely shiny, I just feel the start of September generally feels “all shiny and new” due to the new start of the new school year and the new fashion collections coming out!

Baukjen’s new collection for September is here and I have been trawling through the array of pieces, trying to work out what to talk about as there is so much to choose from! Gorgeous knits, beautiful colours, classic, yet incredibly stylish pieces that I know you’re going to love so without further ado let’s crack on starting with the knitwear as if today’s temperature is anything to go by- we all need to get with the programme of warmth PDQ!

Margot Cable knit cardigan:

I first saw this cardy modelled so beautifully by Sara from @welliesandchampage and I immediately loved it. It looks cosy but not so chunky that you look like you are wearing a picnic rug! This will work for those of you with light colouring and for those of you who need to build up your top half. Proceed with caution if you are on the petite side as well as those of you who have a full bust.

Margot Cable Cardigan: £135

Mila Crew Neck Jumper:

I just love the colour of this and if you have dark brown hair or rich red hair- this will look amazing on you! It is also a great neutral colour for those of you with dark blond hair due to is softer tones.

Mila Crew Neck jumper: £109

The ribbed texture will help it to keep its shape and I have included the second picture to show how gorgeous this colour looks with black and leather- (their styling of it is just delicious!). Careful if you have a full bust as ribbed fabric can easily be “pulled out” by the curve of your bust and draw attention to it. Best to go for a less textured top.

Alanah Twist top:

I chose this for those of you with gorgeous curves. Leopard print is still here to stay- so this is a great option that will show off your shape due to the cut as well as the type of fabric. I am always so impressed with the tee-shirt fabrics the design team use as they are great quality so wash and last really well- therefore justifying a slightly higher price point then you might usually spend on a “top”.

Alanah Twist Top

Elizabeth Trouser suit:

No reinventing the wheel here- just a really good navy blue pinstriped suit. There are three reasons I wanted to draw your attention to this suit.

  1. It’s a great cut for those of you with defined shape due to the style of the jacket.
  2. I love the length of the trousers as they look so elegant with heels.
  3. Navy is such a brilliant neutral for everyone and works with SO many colours; therefore is a great option as a suit as you have many options of what you can wear with it.

Trousers: £125

Blazer: £239

Cosette Dress:

The perfect dress for a day or evening time event as well as the ideal solution- day to evening!! I love the colour- it will work for those of you with dark brown/black/red/dark blond hair and those of you with a warm skin tone. I love the neck tie and the slightly ballooned sleeves as they are small details that don’t shout (therefore won’t date quickly) but definitely add something to the dress. Careful of the midi length if you are more on the petite side- so wear with a good heel to stop the length appearing to shorten your leg.

Cosette Dress: £119

Cristina Coat:

I am slipping this one in at the end as I appreciate the price point makes it something that could cause serious deep breaths! But if you can put the price aside for a moment, can you just indulge me as to why I have included it!

Cristina Coat: £899


I have tried this coat on when I went to see the collection last year (yes – it proved so popular they have brought it back for another year!) and It is reassuringly heavy and substantial. The fabric is smooth as smooth and it is made from 100% leather so you are getting the real deal.

So often I recommend clients buy a neutral coat as it will go with lots of items; but I also recommend the alternative of investing in a statement coat so that it doesn’t really matter what you have on underneath- you will always look stylish. This coat will take you to meetings, to dinners, to parties and to any occasion you might want to wear a really simple outfit underneath, but make an elegant statement.

I am not saying this to make a “hard sell” I am just all too aware that so often we (and yes I am putting myself in this category too as I know I can easily be tempted by something that is cheaper) will baulk at a price of something – forgetting the “price per wear” concept. I am now turning more and more to buying better quality clothes that might cost more but actually ensures they fit better, last longer and ALWAYS deliver as opposed to the item that is “ok” but lasts 2 years instead of 10.

If you are seriously tempted by an item that feels a lot of money, get technical and work out how often you think you would wear it, to what occasions in your lifestyle and what you already have in your wardrobe you could wear with it, so that you can see if the cost is worth it. That way you will be making an informed decision with your head as opposed to just going with your heart!

I have a discount code of “Kate20aw” which gives you 20% off any full priced items– please pass onto your friends if you feel they might like to invest in a few new pieces this season.

I will be doing a webinar on how to update your wardrobe for Autumn/Winter 2019 – I will be going through the key looks for the season and giving styling ideas on how to incorporate them into your wardrobe and where you can find key pieces. If you want join this and watch live- here is a link to find out more.

As always- let me know if you have any feedback or questions!

Have a good weekend!

Kate x





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