A smorgasbord of loveliness…

A smorgasbord of loveliness…

Hello! Happy Tuesday night! I hope you have had a good day and this blog comes to you alongside a glass of wine and a moment of peace to yourself??!!

So Baukjen’s released some rather gorgeous pieces  yesterday so I jumped straight to it to pick out my favourites as well as items I think you might find helpful. They range between casual and smart…I’m afraid there isn’t much ‘theme’ this month…I was just led by my heart… I hope you like them!

Starting off with this simply delicious ensemble…what’s not to love!! The colours, tones, textures and styling…it’s all simply gorgeous! These colour combinations would work for those of you with soft, tonal colouring. If you needed a starker contrast you could swap out the cream top for a black one or a bright blue one? The coat is a great cut for those of you with a neat hourglass shape since it is fitting into the waist. It could also work for the lean columns amongst you as it could help to give the impression of a waist. The length is great- for everyone above 5ft 3″ it should be fine. If you are shorter then this you, if the rest of it is spot on for you in terms of colour and fit you could always get it hemmed?

The jumper is a fabulous style if you are bottom heavy as it will bring a bit of bulk to your top half. Careful if you have a full bust though as the chunky texture won’t help the girls!

The cropped leather trousers are stunning….unusual but not so much that they will date quickly. They would look great all year round apart from the hottest of days. I would suggest, if your legs are on the shorter side to wear them with heeled, tonal coloured shoes so that your legs aren’t “chopped” up too much.


Carrie Recycled Wool Jumper

Sacha Leather Trousers: £349 (£279.20 with my discount)

Carrie Recycled Wool Jumper: £149 (£119 with my discount)

Agnes Coat: £329 (£263.20 with my discount)

The design team have brought out a few accessories this season- a stunning clutch in ox blood red and a classic brown tote. Both of these will be timeless classics for your wardrobe and tone beautifully with this softer colour pallet. A tip with clutch bags- if you have a defined waist hold it to your body by your elbow so it tucks into your waist and shows it off. If you don’t have a defined waist- hold it down at your hips to bring attention there instead!

Beatrice Leather Clutch

Beatrice Leather Clutch: £109 (£87 with my discount)


Bethan Leather Tote

Bethan Leather Tote: £169 (£135.20 with my discount)

I have been clamouring for the jewellery collection to be released as I always love their pieces. Simple, elegant, timeless and don’t cost a fortune. This is my current favourite to wear layered with other pieces. I love its simplicity and the fact it’s in hammered gold (I am a total sucker for hammered gold in any form!)

Selena Necklace

Selena Necklace: £25 (£20 with my discount)

Now we jump to casual/sports wear….(see I told you there was no theme to this month!) and I love the colour of this collection; really unusual and great for winter. These look so comfy as Baukjen always uses great quality jersey that hangs well and the side stripes are always so flattering. Sadly I can’t get these as I am too tall but I would love to see your pictures if you buy a pair?

Nieve Organic Track Pant

Nieve Organic Track Pant: £79 (£63.20 with my discount)

Now this I have ordered….LOVE it!!! It works well for those of you who are bottom heavy as all the pattern is up at your shoulders/arms – making them look broader. This colour works well for those of you who are dark, warm or soft as it is a flatter version of claret.

Nieve Organic Hoodie

Nieve Organic Hoodie: £85  (£68 with my discount)

I also wanted to do a shout out for these fabulous trousers. They are so soft and comfortable and brilliantly flattering if you have any curve in your bum / thighs / hips as the fabrics glides around them and doesn’t add bulk; the wide leg will also balances those curves out. Just make sure they are long enough for you- they should sit as they do in the picture- just off the floor when you have shoes on.

Palazzo Wide Leg Trousers

Palazzo Wide Leg Trousers; £69 (£55.20 with my discount)

I am having to sit on my hands not to order this….but I know its pointless as I have one so similar….but it feels hard! If olive is a good neutral for you (it’s in the deep & warm & soft pallet) I think this would be a great option for you as an alternative to navy or brown. Olive green is so elegant- especially when worn with gold jewellery. Worn with leather trousers and heels for a smart/casual night or with black jeans and trainers for every day…it will deliver. It’s long though so be careful if you are petite as it could swamp your scale.

Tamara Jumper

Tamara Jumper: £169 (£135.20 with my discount)

And the finale… super snuggly faux fur coat! When I spotted this I could immediately envisage the opportunities to wear this…. a night out, going to a party, part of a wedding outfit…or even put over your jeans and hoodie for the school run when it’s super cold. The point is, it doesn’t matter as it will always look fabulous. It will work best for those of you with light and soft colouring and a straighter body shape above 5ft 6″ will be able to balance its chunky scale. The investment will be worth it as it won’t date- a style like this is always so wearable so always gives value for money.

Leia Coat

Leia Coat: £349 (£279.20 with my discount)


So there you go…just a few of my loves…it was hard this month to be decisive as there are so many pieces to talk about. I hope that helps you with some inspiration as to what would work for you.

If you want to buy any full price items you can use my discount code: “KATE20″ to get 20% off– please pass onto friends /relatives if you feel they would be interested!

If you have any questions or feedback for either myself or the team at Baukjen, please do let me know…


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Take good care and I hope you have a good week.

Kate x