A little Baukjen magic to cheer us up!

A little Baukjen magic to cheer us up!

Hello you lovely lot…how the devil are you? I’m writing this just before the whole of England goes into a second lock down…so whilst I am fully aware that the content of this to some may appear trivial and superficial, I know how much many of your enjoyed my blogs and content in the first lock down as they apparently,  brought some “light relief”! So I am carrying on, hopefully bringing some cheer, inspiration and hope that I can help you make some informed “presents for self” purchases during the next few weeks!

So without further ado…here’s my first favorite look.
Sacha Leather Skirt

Sacha Leather Skirt: £289

I love a leather mini as it can give a classic look an ‘edge’. It fully embraces the ‘thick tights and boots’ scenario which in my book, is one of the easiest ways to step up your average day to day look! Obviously with the fact this is real leather – the price point goes up…but if you know this style works for you and you know you will get lots of wear out it- you might feel you can justify it due to price per wear.

Avoid this style of skirt and fabric if you are very bottom heavy and curvy in the hip- it won’t be kind to your silhouette as it will be defined by your widest point. it will work so well for those of you who have a neat hourglass shape as well as those who want to bring attention to their hip/bum area. You also need to make sure that the top/jumper you wear with it is styled so that part or all of it is showing the waist (as in the picture) otherwise it will mess with your proportions.

Emersyn Jumper

Emersyn Jumper £129

Here is the jumper from the first picture …I love its simplicity. It will work for all of you who have warmth in your coloring.


Emersyn Jumper

Frankie Jean: £99

And here it is for a third time…but styled in a different outfit. I love this as it tones so brilliantly with the brown and black …meaning lots of potential different outfits. I go on and on and on and on to clients and the members of my Style group about the benefits of bootleg style trousers and jeans and every time I am met with “Really? Aren’t they really dated? I haven’t worn bootlegs in years” and this is the problem with “fashion”….it dictates what people perceive as what they “should” and “shouldn’t” be wearing. The bootleg style is universally flattering. There is a not a body shape or height that it does not suit. They work for a few reasons:

  1. If you are bottom heavy the fact that they come in at the knee and go out again at the ankle means that they balance out the hips…
  2. If you are top heavy they make your legs look more shapely – therefore helping to balance your shape
  3. They make your legs look longer as they are meant to be worn to the floor. Make sure your trousers sit 1/2 cm off the floor with shoes on to make sure they are the right length.

If you want to wear with jeans and boots you will have to get two different pairs as one length won’t work for both flats and heels.

Sacha Leather Bomber Jacket

Sacha leather brown bomber jacket: £449

I know I go on about the Baukjen leather jackets a lot…but they are so worth it. This is a slightly different style to the classic biker and would work for those of you who want a neat, cropped style. The slightly unfitted shape at the waist will help if you hold weight here. Careful with the fit if you have a full bust; make sure you can do it up and ‘the girls’ aren’t straining at the zip. Even if you aren’t going to wear it done up- if there is enough room for the girls when it is done up means it will sit properly when undone ( I hope that makes sense….?)


Logan Ecovero™ Top

Logan Top: £69

So elegant, and creates such an amazing shape for those of you who are bottom heavy. It takes you wide at the shoulders and brings you in at the waist…really helping to balance out the width of your hips. Even if black isn’t a great colour for you, the fact you can get a little skin showing between your face and the black helps.

Aimee Organic Sweatshirt

Aimee Organic Sweatshirt: £79

Such a pretty colour and I love the addition of the gold touch. This will work brilliantly for those of you light and soft in coloring…especially if you have warmth in your pallet (due to the gold writing). Any addition to our “cosy/comfy” wardrobe right now is always welcome!

Amelia Greencash Jumper

Amelia Greencash Jumper: £149

I love the colour of this polo neck…a great neutral for those of you with dark or soft colouring. It’s long in the body so helps to cover up in the most elegant of ways. Make sure your bottom half is neat and streamlined so that your shape looks balanced.



Anoushka Ecovero™ Top

Anoushka Top: £65

An amazing colour for those of your with clear colouring…such as very dark hair and blue or black eyes. Such a simple top that will pack a real punch for a zoom meeting or two! Careful with the full cuffs though if you hold weight on your hips or are bottom heavy as when your arms hang by your side the cuffs will add bulk there.

So there you go…just a few of my loves…and I hope that helps you with some inspiration as to what would work for you.

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Take good care and I hope you have a good week.

Kate x