A few thoughts as we emerge from Lock Down

A few thoughts as we emerge from Lock Down

Hello…I hope you are all doing ok?

It feels as if real progress towards things feeling a little more normal has been made in the UK these last few weeks, doesn’t it? Shops are open, bars and restaurants are opening tomorrow, and so we feel a little bit more like ourselves. Or do we? Has lockdown changed the way that you feel about your body, the way you dress or the way you want the world to view you?

Starting with hair colour!

Are you in Camp ‘I can’t wait to get to the hairdressers to have my roots and highlights done’ or are you in Camp ‘Hmmm I’m actually going to grow out the colour and love my au naturel look’? It’s likely that we will see lots more grey-haired people post-lockdown. And that can only be a good thing, because chances are, they will move into the “cool” pallet and all the stunning colours it has in it. With bold, blue-based colours and the chance to wear striking contrasts, it’s a far away from the “mauve-tastic” reputation that going grey can have.

Over the years, Judi Dench has kept her signature pixie cut but has allowed her hair to turn grey naturally. It means that she can wear much more dramatic colours including black which looks sensational against her cool tones.


If you decide to change your hair colour post-lockdown, or go back to your roots(!), you may find that you can no longer wear some shades. If you need my help with this- you could always book in for a Full Image Consultation – I am currently taking bookings from 1st October, or if you can’t wait that long- you could join my “Grow Your Style Confidence” members club where I teach you all I know so that you can learn what colours, cuts and styles of clothes work for you. Your wardrobe may only require a tweak here and there, but it will be a tweak in the right direction and the knowledge you have will save you so much time and money!

Elasticated waist bands!

Staying at home has forced even the smartest amongst us to dress in a more casual manner. But now we’re on the move again, will you be glad to ditch the elasticated waistbands or do you dread stepping into formal trousers and tight jeans? Has lockdown had an impact on your style personality?

It’s easy to incorporate this new way of dressing into your wardrobe. You may choose to pair smart blazers with sport-luxe joggers or you could look for more relaxed fabrics such as Ponte, which has a little bit of stretch? Or you may well ditch want to ditch the heels you always wore in favour of trainers with your midi dresses?!

“You are what you wear”

Are you one of the 2.6M viewers of the BBC show, You are what you wear?

What did you think of it? Personally I liked the inspiration it gave the client who was being styled, but to me, it absolutely highlighted the difference between what a “Stylist” does and what an “Image Consultant” does. A stylist will do as the team did- give the client ideas, pull outfits together, give inspirational tips an tweaks so that the outfit looks great. What an Image Consultant does is to empower the client with all the knowledge they need so that they can do this themselves- they can go shopping for any occasion and know what colours, cuts, styles etc to look for as they understand what works for them. They have been “taught” by someone who is trained, therefore the advice they give is based on theory and fact, rather then their opinion. It would be a hard task for a client to go shopping for themselves, following advice given “from an opinion”  They would be thinking thinking “What the heck do I do again? What neckline did Kat say I had to wear? Which colours are going to make me look less tired?”

Everything I do for clients is written down, explained, shown, examples given, theory tested…therefore the client leaves the session or my membership group UNDERSTANDING why something works and something else doesn’t and it’s that UNDERSTADNING that allows them to go shopping and sort their wardrobes themselves as they know what to do.

You don’t have to appear on the television to receive your very own make-over. Why not treat yourself to a one to one session or to a plethora of information included in my membership– all designed to help and support you as you make the changes you want in order to feel more confident. Or you could start off by watching my free styling video; “How to find and Understand your Personal Style” ….which is the best place to start!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Have a lovely weekend

Kate x