Holiday vibes

Holiday vibes

Hello! I hope you have had a good week?

Firstly- thank you so much to those of you who kindly spent time filling in the questionnaire I sent you regarding the membership subscription I am planning to launch in September- I so appreciated it and for the information it gave me. It seems as though lots of you are very keen for me to start this!! If you haven’t filled this in and would like to do so – here is the link (and all responses are anonymous.)

So today’s blog is a for those of you planning your beach attire ready for your summer holidays, and I have summarised my advice into five categories:

  1. Body confidence: Remember, we’re all in this together. Everyone will be in swimwear and no-one will be scrutinising our wobbly white bits. Treat yourself to a fabulous new bikini or one-piece. It’s worth paying a little extra for the hidden support and good cut. If you want to know the best style of swimwear for your body shape- click on this link
  2. Cover up: A great beach cover up is a stylish staple with many uses. As well as protecting you from the sun, it’s useful to pop over your swimwear at lunchtime and a great confidence booster if you really don’t like to walk around the pool in just your bikini. Choose a shape and colour that flatters, and you’ll feel much more confident. I particularly love ones from Aspiga, Serephina and One Season.
  3. Bag it: A chic beach bag is a must for any seaside retreat. Use it on a practical level but it can also really add to your outfit. Jute or straw is a good option as it’s sturdy enough to keep its shape, even if the bottom gets wet, and the neutral tones work with most colours. Consider your scale when you’re selecting the perfect bag; generally, the larger your frame, the larger you can go with your bag. I love ones form Gift Pop, Pepper and Ink and So Souk.
  4.  Make a statment with your shades: Sunglasses are functional but they don’t have to be boring. Firstly, think about the shape of your face. Generally I suggest to go opposite, so for example, a round face will look best in squarer frames. Then choose a colour that flatters your skin tone. Your final choice will depend on your own style personality – whether you want to go for subtle, bold, classic, patterned- the choice is endless!
  5.  Don’t forget to accessorize: The eye is always drawn to something that sparkles or catches the light-  which of course means that we can use this to our advantage when chosing our jewellary. Divert the eye away from your not-so-good bits by layering pretty bracelets on your wrist or wearing a lightweight, colourful necklace. Choose your best metal; warm skin tones suit gold, whilst cool skin tones look fabulous in silver.

If you want any more advice about how to achieve your holiday style or making sure you pack the right items- you might want to watch my “How to create your Capsule Wardobe”  or “How to pack effectively for your summer holidays” webinars – here is a link to my webinar page.

Any questions- just ask!

Hae a lovely weekend.

Kate x

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