Category: Corporate Coaching

Ten reasons to hire a coach!

There are so many business coaches nowadays so I thought it might be helpful to explain what it is they are there to do and why it might help you to hire one! Whether you are a one-man band or

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Procrastination termination

I have been a coaching a client recently and we soon realised after two sessions that she wasn’t making any progress with the tasks we were agreeing she would do between our sessions. After a little gentle questioning from me

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Steps to success

I read a brilliant article the other day by Zdravko Cvijetic who writes about self improvement; it was a list of steps he suggests you give up in order to help you to become more successful. It made for an interesting read

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Not backwards, but forwards

“Hello September, back to school” – often the words seen in shops, editorial and social media and it gives the impression we are going “back to the grind”. Away from sunny days, drinking Rose with friends and never having to

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